Google has set up Android Ready SE Alliance to make the new Android hardware safer than before.

The new change reflects Google's push towards Secure Element (SE) and is available with the Titan M chip in Pixel phones.

Google hopes that features like Digital Passports and Identity Cards along with SEs will be given to users in Android devices.

Along with this, the option of digital keys will also be available with the devices.

What does Secure Element (SE) mean?

A Secure Element (SE) is a chip that can be used only by selected applications and features. In this way, the cryptogenic and confidential data of the users is completely protected. This chip is found in many devices and now it will be introduced in Android devices.

Android platform will be more secure than before.

Google gave the information about the alliance on its developer site.

The company wrote, "The main objective of this alliance is to provide the same, better and safer services to all users in the Android ecosystem. Properly implementing Android Ready SE applets will create better trust in the Android platform. Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEMs ) adopting Android Ready SE will be able to create devices that are more secure and new ones that can get remote updates as per requirements. "

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Open Source SE-Capable Chip Devices

Both SE vendors and device manufacturers are part of the new alliance.

The aim is to make the adoption of new technology easier and faster for Google's Android platform. Partners will create open-source and ready-to-use applets for SE-capable chips.

Alliance has introduced its first applet with Strongbox.

Google has reported that Strongbox is not only available for phones and tablets, but also for Wear OS, Android Auto Embedded and Android TV.

New hardware will be a part of devices

Google said that it is working on many applets and new Android features will be released with them soon.

These may include Mobile Drivers License and Identity Credentials and Digital Car Keys.

The company said, "All new features will require tamper-resistant hardware to work, ensuring users data security can be done. Most modern phones will now come with discrete temper-resistant hardware, called Secure Element (SE). "