Out of all the gems, diamond is considered to be very beautiful and exquisite which attracts everyone towards it. It is so attractive that the desire to wear it is awakened in every human being. Diamond is a rarely available gem and finding it is considered to be a more difficult task. That's why diamonds are valued in crores. 
A diamond is so delightful that the longing to wear it is seen in every human being. The specialty of a diamond is that it shines the most and shines in every direction. That is why diamonds are called Maharatna.

Properties Of Diamond

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon, it is transparent and is one of the hardest materials. It is found in crystal form in nature and each carbon atom in it is connected with four other carbon atoms by strong covalent bonds. But why does diamond shine and why is it hard? Let us study through this article.

Diamond is a transparent gem that is the purest form of carbon. Diamonds shines, basically because of three reasons:

1. total internal reflection
2. refraction
3. dispersion,

but the question arises as to how all these systems work and how to make diamonds shiny.

What is Reflection?

Reflection occurs when light falls on a bright surface, then some part of it collides with the surface and goes back into the same medium. When light enters the diamond, a part of it is reflected and the rest passes through it.

What Causes Refraction in Diamonds?

As we know, any transparent material has a refractive index and a critical angle, where light is completely reflected on the surface. Due to this, diamonds are cut with critical angles. After cutting the diamond using the techniques, it reflects the light so that the diamond will shine. It can also be understood that the refractive index of diamond is 2.42.

Learn why a diamond shines?

Diamond is forever, this means that the shine of the diamond remains the same forever. It is the purest form of transparent gemstone and carbon. Being the most solid, this substance shines. Inside it, each carbon atom is connected by four other carbon atoms by covalent bond. In this article we will discuss why diamond is solid and why it shines, which properties makes it shiny etc.?
Diamonds are made by cutting in such a way that when a ray of light enters in it, there occur total internal reflection of light due to its lower critical angle, which makes the diamond appear more bright. When light travels through a diamond, sometimes this light is scattered and fragmented, making the diamond shine. It is caused by refraction. This can be explained as follows:

We know that diamonds are small, complex prisms in which light enters through the upper part and refract it at a critical angle from the inside. Due to which diffraction of light occurs  like rainbow and makes it shining. That is, the brightness of the diamond depends on which part of the diamond passes through refraction, deflection. Also there some dark areas are formed.

Do you know that it is because of these dark areas that a diamond has talent that shines?

Light intensity increases in the dark, just as a candle flame appears brighter in a dark room than in a light room.

Another important feature is the various types of cuts or designs in diamonds. If the shape is made too deep or too shallow, then when the light enters the diamond, it will be lost in it, not pass by it. It is necessary to have a critical angle for refraction.

It would not be wrong to say that the size of a diamond determines its luster. The diamond's triangular design enhances the brilliance of the diamond.

It is also necessary to have uniformity and clarity in the diamond.

It is also important to maintain symmetry with the cut in the diamond, so that it has optimum brightness. The shape of the diamond should remain the same in all angles. If the symmetry is not proper, refraction of light will not occur properly.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to have clarity in the diamond which affects the brightness of the diamond. If there is any kind of stain on the surface of the diamond then the light will not be able to penetrate properly. Due to which the refraction will not happen properly. If the diamond has good clarity it will be more brilliant.

After cutting and shaping the diamond properly, it is also necessary to polish it properly. Diamonds have a lasting impact on Polish brilliance. If there is any error in crafting diamond, then it can be finished by polishing.

Do you know that a diamond is a bad conductor of heat and electricity?

Diamond is a bad conductor of heat and electricity because not a single electron is free in it due to the covalent bond. Diamond is the strongest and hardest of all materials found on earth, so diamond saws are used instead of iron to cut very hard rocks.

How To Identify Original Diamond? 

According to research by the Gemological Institute of America, diamonds from the very depths are chemically pure and are amazingly transparent. It is very difficult to tell the difference between natural diamonds and factory made diamonds. Only with a special tool. Diamonds are identified, however, the following ways can also be used to identify real-fake diamonds.

First Method

The inner structure of the real diamond is rugged but the artificial diamond looks normal from the inside. The real diamond has some grooves, which can be seen with the help of a microscope of twelve hundred times stronger.

Second Method

You put the diamond on the newspaper and try to read the letters from across it. If you see curved lines, it means that your diamond is fake.

Third Method

If you see a diamond in ultraviolet rays, then if the diamond shines with a blue aura, then the diamond is real. But if a light yellowish green or grayish aura emerges from the diamond, then understand that it is Moisa Knight.

Forth Method

The real diamond immers in water, while the fake diamond floats on top of the water.

World's Largest Diamond

The title of the world's largest diamond has been given to a diamond named Cullinan which was found in South Africa in the year 1905. It is said to weigh 3106 carats. South Africa is a country that is at the forefront of diamond production.

Hearts And Arrows Pattern

The most outstanding pattern for the diamond is the Heart and Arrows pattern. If you look at the diamond from the face down position, you will see 8 hearts, while if you look at the diamond in the face up position, you will see 8 arrows.

The reason for diamonds being expensive

It takes several billion years for diamonds to be made. Diamonds are formed after high temperatures and millions of chemical changes and are found in depths ranging from 140 to 190 km, which are extremely difficult to remove.

Some Important Facts About Diamonds

  • Diamonds are available in different colors like white, blue, red, orange, yellow, green etc. If the diamond is heated in the oven at 763 ° C, it burns to form carbon dioxide and there is no ash left at all. This shows that diamond is pure form of carbon.

  • It is the most beautiful gem in jewelery. The cutting in diamond, right shape, critical angle, polish etc. make it more spectacular.

  • Diamond is a gem that needs special attention because a small disturbance can cause a huge fall in the price of diamond. It is said that if a diamond is not cut correctly, then that diamond becomes useless.