The Biography Of Nikola Tesla

Whenever the great scientists of the world are talked about, then the people remember the the names of scientists like Albert Einstein and Newton. Many people also remember Edison among the great inventors. But very few people know that Nikola Tesla was also a scientist who could be counted among the great scientists. But maybe he didn't get the place that he deserved while he was alive. Tesla is credited with changing today's world. He used to think ahead of his time.

Nikola Tesla's Birth 

Nikola Tesla was born on 10 July 1856, in Smiljan, Croatia. He was the fourth child of an orthodox Roman Catholic Church priest. He used to be the owner of a lot of acumen during his school days. It is said that he used to solve the most difficult questions of mathematics in his own mind. He was very fond of reading books. He was well versed in 8 languages.

Clash Between Nikola Tesla And Thomas Alva Edison

After completing his studies, Nikola Tesla worked in many places. He also worked with Thomas Alva Edison where he helped a lot in many of Edison's inventions. During this, Edison challenged Tesla to make his generator and motor better. He told Tesla that if he do this, Edison would give him several thousand dollars. But when Tesla accomplished this challenge, Edison reneged on his promise. Due to this there was a clash of opinion between Nikola Tesla and Edison and Tesla left the job from there.

Nikola Tesla Vs Thomas Alva Edison

Edison considered direct current (DC) better, which worked on 100 volts of power but was difficult to convert to other voltages. At the same time, Tesla believed that Alternating Current (AC) was better because it could be easily carried from one place to another. It was Tesla who perfected the Alternating Current transmission technology. Today electricity is distributed on this technology all over the world. Tesla built the first hydro-electric power station using Faraday's principles.

Nikola's Victory On AC VS DC War

There has never been justice for Tesla's genius. Say bad luck or something, Tesla had to struggle a lot in his life. First, Tesla was fed up with Edison's misbehaviour and tried to run his own company, but he could not succeed. Then there was a clash because of AC electricity and DC electricity between the two. In which Edison called Tesla's AC current system impractical to run his DC current system. It is said that even a media campaign was run against Tesla. Later this AC / DC war became the most critical war in the world of science. Finally, Nikola Tesla won this war. Nikola Tesla made many inventions in his life. He made many important discoveries like Tesla coils, electric motor, X-ray technology, radio, AC current.

Tesla's Inventions That Changed Our Life

Invention was in Tesla's blood. He invented many things used in our daily life. He is a major contributor to the invention of neon and fluorescent lights, laser beams, AC current, X-rays, robotics etc. to illuminate our homes.


Tesla was the one who theorized that radiowaves could be sent anywhere in the world, which is used today from the Internet to space research. He invented the radio coil on which today's radios, telephones, cell phones and TVs are operating. It would not be wrong to say that the foundation of today's wireless technology was laid by Tesla.

Tesla Coil

Tesla received US citizenship in 1891 and invented Tesla coils in the same year. Tesla coil is a type of electrical circuit with the help of which electricity of low current and high voltage is generated. Today, Tesla coils are being used extensively in radio, television and other electronic devices, and may also be used in wireless transmission.

Tesla Motors

Whenever we discuss about electric vehicles, the name of Tesla Motors first comes to mind. Tesla Motors, a startup focused on manufacturing electric cars, is actually dedicated to Nikola Tesla. The company was named Tesla Motors in honor of the important role that Tesla played very important role in the invention of the electric motor. Apart from this, the name of the unit that measures the magnitude of the magnetic field is also Tesla.

Tesla Tower

In 1901, Tesla worked on a revolutionary project. That revolutionary work was related to the unlimited power supply without wires. Today, as a result of the work done by Tesla, we are using wireless technology. Today, if work is being done on wireless electric vehicles, then the credit also goes to Tesla. Tesla dreamed of supplying electricity to the whole world without the use of wires. For this, he opened his lab in Shoreham, Long Island, New York. A tower 185 feet high was built in the lab, on top of which was a 65 feet high copper dome transmitter. Tesla wanted to transmit the signal with the help of this tower and supply electricity to the whole world. The financial support for this project was provided by JP Morgan. But when the Morgan come to know that Tesla is working on a project which will supply electricity for the whole world, free of cost then he stopped providing the financial support and unfortunately , Tesla have to stop the project. The project has declared as an unsuccessful project.

Invention Of Radio

According to a report, radio was not invented by G Marconi but by Nikola Tesla. You will be surprised to know, the invention of G Marconi's radio was invalidated by the US Supreme Court. After this court gave the patent of this invention to Nikola Tesla. but unfortunately he was not live to see this. Most people believe that Tesla was a scientist ahead of his time. Many of his ideas, such as the plane without fuel, are still limited to science fiction waiting to come true.

Future Predictions Made By Nikola Tesla Those Comes True Nowadays

According to Nikola Tesla, he saw the past, the future and the present at the same time. Tesla had made many surprising predictions in his time, which later proved to be correct. 

Apart from the invention of electricity, Tesla had predicted many types of technology, which seem to be coming true decades later. BBeloware some of his most notable predictions.


Due to his passion for wireless technology, Tesla made many inventions focused on data transmission and developed many theories related to it.

Guillermo Marconi was the first to send letters across the Atlantic via Morse code. But Tesla wanted to do something beyond that.

He predicted that wireless technology would one day be used to transmit telephone signals, documents, music files and videos around the world, and today it is possible to do so via Wi-Fi.

Although he himself could not create such a thing, his prediction came true with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990

Mobile Phone

In 1926, in an interview with an American magazine, Tesla mentioned another of his future predictions.

He named his idea of transmitting pictures, music and videos as 'pocket technology'. He predicted it, 100 years before the invention of the smartphone.

But would Tesla have thought that mobile would become such an important part of our life?


In 1898, Tesla demonstrated a wireless and remotely controlled "automation". Today we call it a remotely operated toyship or drone.

He surprised the viewers with new technologies like wireless communication, robotics, logic gates. People used to think that there is a small monkey inside them that controls the system.

Tesla believed that one day remote-operated machines would be an important part of people's lives and this prediction was very close to the truth.

Commercial High-Speed Aircraft

Tesla predicted that there would be aircraft that would travel at high speed around the world and on commercial routes between countries. These aircraft will have seating arrangement for many passengers.

Nikola Tesla said, "The most important use of wireless current will be in flying machines without fuel, which will allow people to travel from New York to Europe in a few hours."

At that time, these things might have been considered madness. But Tesla was right once again. At least in terms of speed.

As far as the planes that fly without fuel and run on electricity are concerned, it is still a dream of the future.

Women Empowerment

Chief Operating Office of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, is an example of women's empowerment in the world of technology.

His interview with Colliers in 1926 was titled 'When Woman is Boss'. This shows what 68-year-old Tesla thought for women at that time.

Tesla believed that women would use wireless technology to achieve better education, jobs and become influential in society.

However, in the last century, it is difficult to connect technology with the empowerment of women in social and political life. It has been seen that women are taking active part in the field of technology.

Yahoo's Chief Operating Officer and computer engineer Marissa Mayer and Facebook's current Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg are proof of this.

Women like them have done the work of spreading awareness on a global level by running campaigns like #metoo with the help of technology.

Nikola Tesla's Death

Some of his experiments proved unsuccessful during the last days of his life. Due to this he suffered from depression. He had stopped meeting everyone. He started living alone. This great scientist died in 1943. Nikola Tesla made many great scientific discoveries, for which he never got any credit. Even after doing so much, the life of this great scientist passed in poverty.