Students often have to think after graduation that how they can proceed after completing their course. The condition of the students of B.A. English Honours (BA English) is also similar. Students choose this course in a hurry, but they have no idea what and how to do next. Let us tell you today in this section of Career Guidance what are the career options you can have after BA English Honours.

Information About BA English Honours Course

BA English Honours is a three year full time degree course. This course is run in all the universities of the country. This course divided into 6 semesters, during this course students gain knowledge of History and English Literature in various forms of writing. This course includes compulsory english language subjects to enhance reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Under this, students also get knowledge of optional courses which introduce students to different forms of English. Students can also choose many other subjects like Accounts, Mathematics and Economics etc. to advance their career prospects.

Career Scope After BA English Honours

There are many career options available after BA English. After this course, students can do a lot according to their abilities. If you have writing and communication skills then you can make a great career in journalism and mass communication field. Some universities offer following courses like:

  • Master of Journalism (MJ)
  • Master of Communication ans Journalism (MCJ),
  • MA Communication,
  • Master of Communication Studies (MCS),
  •  Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC),
  • Master of Mass Communication (MMC)

Apart from this, you can also do broadcast and radio jockey courses. Along with this, the doors of public relations and advertising fields are also open for you. Apart from this, you can also go into the teaching field with higher studies.

The full form of B.A. is Bachelor of Arts. BA English is a very common field, many students choose it during their graduation. B.A. is a very common branch for students of arts stream during their senior secondary school level.

B.A. English comes with a lots of opportunities for a student. Students who graduate with B.A. English have a lot of opportunities available to decide what they want to work or continue their studies.

B.A. English is a three year full time course which is offered in almost every university of the country. B.A. English divided into six semesters. During this course, students study English Literature of different durations in different forms of History and Writing.

This course includes compulsory language courses to enhance reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. In this, students also study optional courses which introduce students to some major authors and forms of English Literature. Students can also choose many optional subjects like Mathematics, Economics etc. to further their career prospects.

In this, students can decide from various opportunities in both industry and academia. There are many higher study options for Meritorious Graduates in English Language and Literature, such as:

  • MA in English
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Management
  • Tourism Administration
  • Law
  • International Relations
  • Language Science
  • Communication Management
  • Film Editing and Direction
  • Visual Communication and Library 
  • Information Science etc.

You can choose any course that suits your aptitude and interest. However, those who want to start a job right from the beginning can choose one of the many opportunities available for graduates. Candidates can apply for various posts published by UPSC and join Defense Services and also they can apply for IAS Exam.

Career Scope After B.A. English Honours With Economics As Additional Subject

Those who have studied economics as an additional subject can consider career options in government agencies, business companies, non-profit organizations, multilateral organizations and academic institutes.

Students can also consider joining a regular or part time MBA course and pursue a job in sales as a part time job which will also be useful for them to secure a job after MBA.

Assuming that you want to work soon after completing your graduation, you can consider getting employment in Market Research, Advertising, Sales and Personnel, BPO or Management Consultancy Company if you have financial knowledge.

A graduate has opportunities to write newspaper articles as well as, those studying economic subjects can write reports on economic and business events. On the other hand, you can choose to study further either to get a Masters in Economics or a professional qualification like Mass Communication, Hotel Management, Public Relations or MBA.

B.A. English Honours Student's Skills

English Honours or B.A. in English is a term for an undergraduate university degree centered around the consumption analysis and production of texts in the English language.

Students who are pursuing Gaduate in English or B.A. English, are prominent in English, they do Analysis and Interpretation of Literature and Film and then present their analysis in Clear, Plain Writing.

Although help-seeking postings rarely surround English majors, a degree in English can bring Critical Thinking Skills to career eras including Writing, Editing, Publishing, Teaching and Research, Advertising, Public Relations, Law and Finance. are necessary.

Course Duration

B.A. English is a three year course divided into six semesters of six months duration each.

Admission Process

To get admission in B.A. English from a recognised board or University,  it is necessary to pass 12th on the basis of merit.

In today's time, most of the college admissions are based on the percentage obtained in class 12th. However, taking admission in B.A. course is not difficult as there are many seats available in this course. 

Courses To Do After B.A. English Honours

B.A. Degree in English opens doors for various career fields such as -

  • M.A. English
  • Course in Law
  • Retail - Instructional Design
  • MBA - Marketing, Human Resources
  • Academic - Research and Training
  • Media- Advertising, Journalism and Film    Making
  • Writing - Author Books, Report for Magazines, Books, Websites
  • Hospitality - Event Management, Public Relations; Corporate Communications, Instructional Design

Master Degree Courses After B.A. English Honours

As discussed earlier, there are a lot of career opportunities available after graduating with B.A. English. It has a lots of opportunities available to the candidates in different eligibilities as well as percentage.

If you have writing, communication skills and reading habit, then journalism or mass communication is a good option for you. Some universities offer following master degree courses like:

  • Master of Journalism (MJ)
  • Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ)
  • M.A. Communication
  • Master of Communication Studies (MCS)
  • Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)
  • Master of Mass Communication (MMC)

Diploma Or Other Professional Courses After B.A. English Honours

Postgraduate Diploma Courses in Journalism are conducted by Institutes, Universities, Press Clubs, Press Academies etc. People who have good communication skills, they can do Radio Jockey along with News Broadcast. Although, the career after B.A. English Honours includes three major classifications such as -


It is for those people who do not want to pursue further studies and are willing to join work. There are many opportunities after B.A. English. Your education as an English graduate can contribute to success in business administration and finance, where the flexibility of a Bachelor of Humanities is often a better preparation than the specific business.

Government Services, Computer Industry, Non Government Organization, Marketing Advertising and Public Relation Editorial and Publishing Work and Journalism needs people who can do good Conversation and Library work. . In today's time even in the field of Mass Communication, there is a good chance for English aspirants to have a good flow on their oral skills.

Professional Courses after B.A. English

There are many professional courses that candidates can join after completing graduation in B.A. English and most of the time, these trainings are designed in such a way that candidates have a good opportunity to earn money.

Students Can also do MBA, after graduation in B.A. English, 

An English degree is an especially good preparation for law school, with an emphasis on Communicative and Critical Skills for B.A. English graduates. There is also a direct entry scheme where newspapers agencies take an exam from which selected people are trained and placed by them.

Masters Degree and Higher Study

M.A. And PhD degrees provide more advanced study than B.A and prepare students for teaching and research in college and university.

If you intend to go to graduate school, you should know that our department requires an honours degree or equivalent as the best preparation. Going for a Master's degree or PhD program in English can prove to be very beneficial for the candidates.

The important thing is to decide whether the field you want to go is in Journalism, Mass Communication or anything else. Whatever you choose it is important to choose according to your capability and caliber.

Job Opportunities

We have discussed career options after BA English, but there are still some possibilities left. We have to discuss job prospects along with master's degree.

There are some other courses which can give good job prospects to the students and help them to get good salary package.

Those who have passed Master's Degree or Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism or Mass Communication can get a job as:

  • Sub-Editors
  • Correspondents or Correspondents in Print and Electronic Media
  • Assistant Information Officers
  • Public Relations Officers in Information Services and Public Relations Departments of Government.

Jobs can also be found with the help of web portal. A good personality and Attractive Communication Skills can help you get a news reporter or any other related job on television or radio. It includes some other options such as -

  • Linguistics
  • EFLU Courses
  • Management Education


Linguistic can be an interesting branch for those who want to find out some new facts and things. Linguistic is the scientific study of languages that deals with the structure and development of a language and its relationship with other languages.

Linguistic is a scientific study of language that also covers the study of the sound, structure, meaning and functions of language. Almost all the central and other major universities in India offer Master's, M.Phil and PhD programs in Linguistics.

Those having a degree in any discipline with at least 45-50 percent marks can apply for the master's course. It can be a very interesting career option for those who love to discover new things and have the zeal to learn new facts.

The career prospects in this field are quite bright for those candidates who chose this subject with passion. People with higher qualifications in Linguistics can become Linguists and are eligible to work as Audiologists, Newsreaders, Interpreters, Psycholinguists, Lexicographers, Content and Copywriters, Editors, Tour Operators.

English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) Courses

The full form of EFLU is English and Foreign Languages ​​University which offers MA Media and Communication and M.A. English (Media and Communication) courses.

This course is generally based on skill as well as language. This course content includes Scripting for Radio and Television, English Business Writing, Verbal Communication and Presentation Skills, Educational Technology, Multimedia, Visual Communication, Media in Communication to write in Radio and Television Productions Newspapers. Meritorious graduates in English language and literature are eligible for admission.

Management Education

Management courses such as Master of Business Administration and Master of Financial Control programs and powered by leading institutes and universities are good alternatives to Post Graduate Diploma Courses.

For students who choose commerce as an additional subject, there are more chances for it. MBA Tourism Course is provided by some universities, it is another suitable option. There is also MBA Airline and Airport Management Programs and Postgraduate Diploma in Management Tourism and Travel.

Some Another Important Courses :-

The whole career of a student depend upon the course chosen by the student . So it is very important to chose a  best and perfect course for career . Below we provided the list of some important courses please read details about following courses and chose best and perfect course for you and your career :- 
Fashion Design Datails , Eligibility Critria , Subjects And Jobs .

 Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another. While this can be a difficult time, the results that you will achieve are worth all of the hard work that you will put in!