Scientists Converted Water Into Gold

Water is the most abundant substance on the planet, whereas gold is the rarest. Researchers have now created 'gold' from water. Physical chemists at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague have accomplished this critical task. He used a revolutionary way to transform water into a bright, gleaming metal. When you put too much pressure on something, it will usually transform into metal.

Image and information source: Offlicial Website Of Czech Academy Of Sciences

Process Of Converting Water Into Gold

With the aid of water and a physical chemistry's process, scientists were able to create gold. They transformed the water into a gleaming, golden metal. Scientists explained how exerting too much pressure on anything may turn it into metal.

According to a report published on, scientists used chemical pressure to alter the atoms and molecules of water, converting it into metal. When water's atoms and molecules are exerted too much pressure they came too close to each other and shared their outer electrons, allowing electricity to flow through it. Scientists chose to provide 1.5 crore atmospheric pressure on the water for this purpose. It wasn't easy to generate such a high level of pressure in the lab. In such a circumstance, scientists devised a different strategy. Pavel Jungwirth, Czech organic chemist, said they utilised alkali metal for electron sharing.

Experiment And Challenges While Converting Water Into Gold

The scientists had a tough challenge of stopping the alkali matter from exploding when it came into touch with water. In such a circumstance, scientists devised a new method for the experiment, allowing the reaction to be delayed and the explosion to be avoided. They did this by, first filling the syringe with potassium and sodium before placing it in a vacuum chamber at room temperature. After then, syringes were used to extract the droplets. On these droplets, scientists released a little quantity of steam, and the water was held for a few seconds.  The droplets of the mixture released electrons into the water, making it golden for a few seconds. It had a gold look.