Imagine that you have sent a password on WhatsApp to your family member or you are sending a picture to your friends. Now you want the picture should not be saved in the gallery and should be automatically deleted after the recipient sees it. So now WhatsApp has launched a new feature for this. This is the 'View Once' feature of WhatsApp. In this feature, if a user sends a picture or video to someone, it will disappear only after the receiver sees it. But this feature also has some drawbacks which can make it ineffective. Let us know how this feature works and what are its advantages?

What is 'View Once' feature?

On Wednesday, August 4, WhatsApp revealed its new feature 'View Once' by writing a blog post. In this post it has been told what is this feature. Many times we do not want the photos or videos that we share to be saved in someone else's device. To get rid of this, WhatsApp has launched 'View Once' mode. Photos and videos sent with this mode will disappear from the chat once viewed. Apart from disappearing from the chat, they will also not be saved in the recipient's device.

You can use this feature to share any personal information or moments. For example, you might be trying new clothes in a store or sharing a Wi-Fi password or just a special moment. After viewing the photo or video, the sender will know the status of the message, and that video or phoyo will disappear automatically.

WhatsApp users will start getting this feature from this week, which will be available on all platforms like Android, iOS and KaiOS. This feature can also be used on Codescope.

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How to enable 'View Once' feature?

# First of all you open WhatsApp and click on the account of the person to whom you want to send the message.

# After opening the message box, go to the clip-like icon for attachment.

# With this you will see the option to send photo or video from gallery. Go to it and select the video or photo you want.

# After selecting the photo or video, you will see the number '1' written inside the circle in the  'Add a caption' bar.

# As soon as you click on it, it will turn green. Meaning now the feature with 'View Once' has been turned on.

# After this, whatever photo is sent, it will be visible to the receiver with the message written 'photo' and not just like the rest of the attachment.

Advantages Of 'View Once' Mode

# As soon as the receiver clicks on this message, the photo will open. Once receiver see the photo, it will disappear. It will not be saved in the receiver's phone.

# Photos or videos cannot be forwarded, saved or shared with this feature.

# If the photo or video sent with this feature is not opened or viewed within 14 days, then it will expire.

# One-time viewable media can be restored from backup only if the message is not opened while backing up. If the photo or video has been viewed, it cannot be backed up or restored.

Drawbacks Of 'View Once' feature

WhatsApp has a big problem with this feature. WhatsApp itself has told about this. In fact, there are other ways to save videos and photos that disappear once viewed, which can disable this View Once feature.

# Screenshot can be taken even before the photo or video disappears. Screen recording can also be done if there is video.

# If someone capture a screenshot of a media file or records the screen, you will not receive any notification.

# The recipient can take photos or make videos with the help of camera or other device before the media disappears.

# Encrypted media sent to a user can be stored on WhatsApp's servers for a few weeks. If the receiver reports a one-time viewable media file, that media will be sent to WhatsApp.