The long wait of users on the microblogging website Twitter is finally coming to an end and they will get an 'edit button'. The first glimpse of this feature has been seen on the Twitter web interface and soon it can be tested in the Android or iOS mobile app as well. Twitter has already confirmed that it has been working on the edit feature since last year and is exploring the possibility. However, for the first time, this feature has been shown in action.

An App Developer Gave Information About The Feature

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi gave information about the edit button being found on Twitter. He saw this feature on the web interface and shared its screenshots. After a tweet has been posted, some users who click on the three dots that appear on the top right of it are seeing the new edit tweet option. The new option is given below View Tweet Analytics. Initially, the feature will be tested in Twitter Labs, which is part of the Twitter Blue subscription.

Edit Tweet feature to work like this

After making a tweet on the platform, users will be able to choose to edit tweets from the options related to it. On clicking this, the composer window will open and you will get the option to edit or rewrite the content written in the tweet. In this composer window, the update button will appear in blue instead of the tweet at the bottom right. Finally, once you click on Update, the changes made in the tweet will be saved.

A time limit can be met with the feature

For the first time, the edit button has appeared on Twitter and the company can set a time limit for editing a tweet. Apart from this, a separate label may also appear on the edited tweets. Another Twitter user named Nima Owji (@nima_owji) pointed out that as of now users are not being given the option to change the audience of a tweet once it has been posted. The user has also shared an animation of this feature.

We will have to pay for the 'Edit Tweet' feature

The edit option can be tested with Twitter's paid subscription service. That is, initially Twitter can give this feature to those subscribers who are ready to spend extra for this. The company gives access to Twitter Labs only to users who are part of the Twitter Blue subscription service. With Twitter Labs, there is early access to features that are not being rolled out to other users.

Users have been demanding the feature for a long time

Twitter users have been demanding an ' edit button ' for a long time, but previous CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey was not in favor of it. Dorsey said in the year 2020, "We might never do that." However, now Parag Agarwal is the CEO of Twitter and his opinion on the edit option may differ from Jack's. Twitter is the only social media platform on which users do not get the option to edit posts.