All the scientists of the world are trying to explore the world outside Earth. Many types of research have also been done regarding this. America is in the process of going to the Moon again. China is engaged in the search for water on Mars. At the same time, Japan is working on a plan to run a bullet train to the moon. Japan's scientists will develop an artificial space habitat having an atmosphere like Earth. In such a situation, the dream of humans going to another planet can be fulfilled. Currently, we are using trains for long-distance journeys only on Earth only, but with the success of this mission, we can travel from Earth to the moon and then the moon to Mars. Scientists have announced they are working on this big project. Japan will run a bullet train from Earth to Moon. If it is successful, there is a plan to run it to Mars as well. A blueprint has also been prepared to build a capsule habitat for landing and staying there. 

A capsule with an Earth-like atmosphere will be built on the moon

Along with this plan, a space station and habitat will be built in space, where humans can breathe freely. A capsule habitat will also be built on the moon. It is clear from this that humans will live in such an artificial place, whose atmosphere will be exactly like the Earth. It is said that where there is less gravity, the bones and muscles of a person become weak. So all these things will also be taken care of. The atmosphere will be created accordingly. 

A colony will settle like in Hollywood films

According to a report, a place will be built there which will be called Glass Habitat. The glass habitat will resemble a large colony. This colony will be built on Moon and Mars, where humans will be able to live. If you stay inside it, there will be no need to wear a spacesuit. If you stay out there, wearing a spacesuit will become a necessity. A separate gate will also be made for coming in and out of it. If you're a fan of Hollywood science fiction movies, then you probably know what kind of colossal Japan is on its way.

The atmosphere of the entire 'capsule' will be like Earth,

Japanese scientists have said with the hope that by the end of the 21st century, humans will start living on the moon and Mars. Let us inform you that this plan has been made jointly by Kyoto University and Kajima Construction. This 'glass habitat' to be made on the Moon and Mars will be like a cone. This is where humans will live. This building will be about 1300 feet long. It will have artificial gravity. Also, there will be all the necessary things for humans. From food items to trees, plants, water, rivers, parks, and water sources will also be there. Even public transportation will be arranged to go from one place to another.

Name of the colonies 

This news fills a bit of excitement but it may take a long time to complete. So we have to wait a long time for this. Its prototype will be ready by 2050. We may not exist till this is accomplished, but it will be a fact in the coming days. Scientists claim that if the work has started now, then it may take a century to complete it. The name of the 'glass' colony to be formed on Moon will be Lunaglass. At the same time, the colony that will be formed on Mars will be called Marsglass. 

Name Of Train

Let us tell you that Kyoto University and Kajima Construction will work together on a bullet train named Space Express. This train will run from Earth to Moon and later to Mars. It will be an Interplanetary Transportation System. It will be known as Hexatrack.