Mukesh Ambani has taken one more step forward with the goal of making India the world's most advanced digital society. As Mukesh Ambani is the biggest game player in the retail sector in India with its large number of Reliance Smart, Reliance Digital, Trends, Trends Footwear, Reliance Jewels, and Jio Stores. He has taken the first step in online grocery shopping by launching JioMart in December 2019. With the huge success of JioMart, in order to enhance online grocery shopping, Mukesh Ambani and Mark Zuckerberg partnership and launched India's first end-to-end encrypted shopping interface on Whatsapp.
Reliance Retail is the largest retailer in India for offline shopping, but in the online sector, JioMart has to face tough competition with Swiggy’s Instamart, Zepto, Blinkit, Dunzo, and Tata-owned Bigbasket. But with this partnership and with JioMart's direct catalog integration over WhatsApp chat, JioMart's grocery delivery platform would have a competitive advantage over other grocery delivery apps like Swiggy’s Instamart, Zepto, Blinkit, Dunzo, and Tata-owned Bigbasket.
Currently, JioMart receives around 2.5 lakh orders per day through its existing platform, but now this number can be very increased rapidly with this integration. Because the Jio and Meta's partnership JioMart will get access to over 487 million WhatsApp users in India.

In India, not all people prefer online shopping. Many people don't know how to shop online, but almost everyone with a smartphone uses WhatsApp as their primary messaging app. Now they can also order groceries online very easily via WhatsApp.

"Excited to launch our partnership with JioMart in India. This is our first-ever end-to-end shopping experience on WhatsApp -- people can now buy groceries from JioMart right in a chat. Business messaging is an area with real momentum and chat-based experiences like this will be the go-to way people and businesses communicate in the coming years." Mark Zukerberg Tweeted.
“Our vision is to propel India as the world’s leading digital society. When Jio platforms and Meta announced our partnership in 2020, Mark and I shared a vision of bringing more people and businesses online and creating truly innovative solutions that will add convenience to the daily lives of every Indian. One example of an innovative customer experience that we are proud of developing is the first-ever end-to-end shopping experience with JioMart on WhatsApp. The JioMart on WhatsApp experience furthers our commitment to enabling a simple and convenient way of online shopping to millions of Indians.” Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited said.

How To Order Grocery From JioMart Using Whatsapp

Now every WhatsApp user can order groceries online from JioMart just using WhatsApp chat. Before using JioMart Online grocery shopping using make sure you have an updated version of WhatsApp. Now You have to follow these steps to order groceries for JioMart:
  • First of all, save and just send 'Hi' to the JioMart Whatsapp number - 7977079770 or Click Here
  • After sending Hi to the "JioMart Shop" Whatsapp chat, you will get a reply as shown in the image below:
  • Now tap on "Get Started",  now you will reply as shown in the image below:
  • Now tap on "View Catalog" 
  • Now the whole catalog of JioMart will appear showing items with different categories including vegetables, fruits, bakery, dairy, beverages, home care, and more. You Can choose any item from any category.
  • Your Pincode will also show there you have to enter your Pincode to check whether the delivery is available to your location or not. After typing the pin code, you need to tap on continue.
  • You can get detail about an item by clicking on the item and can add it to the cart by clicking on the "Add To Cart" option. You can also add any item to the cart just by tapping on "+"on the left side of the item. You will also get an option to increase or decrease the number of items just by tapping the "+" and "-" icons.
  • After adding all items you wish to order tap on "View Cart".

  • Now a new screen will appear with the items you added to the cart. Now tap on "Send To Business"
  • If you added something to your cart last time and forgot to place the order then you will get a reply as shown in the image below:
  • If you want to merge both carts then tap on "Merge Cart" unless tap "Continue"
  • Now you will reply as shown in the image below:
  •  Tap on "Place Order", now you will get another reply as shown in the image below:
  • Now tap on "Provide Address" and fill all the details like your name, phone number and complete address.
  • Now tap on "Confirm" to confirm the address. If you want to add another address or change the then tap on "Add/Change Address" fill in the new address details and follow the same procedure.
  •  When you confirm the address you will get a reply with payment options like "Cash On Delivery", "Pay On Jiomart" and "Pay On Whatsapp".
  • Now choose any payment option of your choice and after successful payment, finally, your order has been placed.
  • And after successfully placing an order again you get a reply as shown in the image below.