IRNSS Satellite , Full Form And Detail about IRNSS .

As all of us know that our country India has successfully launched our own satellite known as "IRNSS" at SRIHARIKOTA. Full form of IRNSS is Indian Regional National Satellite Service. Launching and development of IRNSS is very proud feeling for all of Indians. Due to the launching of our own satellite we are now not dependent on another country that owns a satellite for navigation purpose, because now our country has our self-developed navigation system which known as IRNSS Satellite. Now India also added to the list of those countries have their self-developed satellite or navigation system.So now lets we discuss IRNSS in detail and how it work? Advantages Of development of IRNSS?

As this time all of us grown as technical humans and in our life we are using smartphones ,cars etc. In these we uses various application or software for navigation that uses GPS system . GPS stands for (Global Positioning System).IRNSS System is an alternative of the GPS system.Before learning more information about IRNSS let's know the full form of IRNSS..

Full Form Of IRNSS Satelite :- Indian Regional National Satellite Service

I hope almost everyone already knows about IRNSS. And we can also get some idea about its detail.

What Is IRNSS Satellite :-

IRNSS satellite is completely India's self developed satellite or navigation system which which equivalent to the GPS satellite navigation system , which is developed by USA ( United State Of America ).For understand comfortably we can also consider a live example as we uses navigation services on our car , smartphones ,location tracker etc. for tracking about our location and getting idea about path of our destination for which we are moving . These system work for providing information about our location works on GPS navigation system , this system developed by USA . Similar to GPS ( navigation system of America ) there are more navigation systems developed by different countries which are as follows :-

GLONASS   :      Developed by Russia
BEIDOU       :      Developed by China
GALILEO     :      Developed by Europion Union (EU)

Since india was known as a country that did not have own navigation system and Indians were dependent for navigation on the navigation system developed by other countries. Now we are independent from usage of navigation system developed by other countries and we are self dependent . Because the Indian scientists has developed their own navigation system that pronounced as IRNSS satellite. We can also consider it as India's own GPS .

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Proudly Launching Of IRNSS Satellite :-

We are feeling proud to discuss that our country is also included in list of those countries that have their own satellite like China and USA .And the proudly moment of launch of seventh satellite of IRNSS held at 28 April 2016. Before this six  satellites already launched by Indian scientists . This project IRNSS satellite was under the progress from July 2013. So now we are not dependent on GPS navigation system . Now a question  may generate on your mind that why we are discussing about dependence on GPS . So the answer is , at 1999 during the Kargil war known as INDO - PAK war , India ask for help with GPS from USA then USA refused India for providing GPS system , because of this Indian army faced many problem in war . So we are making discussion about it , but now we need not any help from navigation system of other countries .

Cost And Time  For Development Of IRNSS :-

IRNSS Navigation system developed and successfully launched only under the duration of less than three years. Cost for development of  IRNSS satellite navigation system is 1,420 Crore INR that comparatively less and this very less cost used because all the apparatus that used for development of IRNSS Satellite used from India . If similar satellite developed in another country then the cost might be high . 

Service Provide By IRNSS :-

The services offered by IRNSS Satellite will not only provide in INDIA but also on our neighbouring countries like NEPAL, BHUTAN, NEPAL BHUTAN  etc.

As we described above that totally seven satellites launched for development of IRNSS.So we can get an idea about the accuracy of location provided by IRNSS when the seven satellites will focus on one navigation system and we will enjoy the accurate location tracking of IRNSS.

IRNSS Satellite Under Testing Phase :-

Soon the testing phase of service provides by IRNSS will start .Under the test phase the scientists those developed the IRNSS will notice the working of navigation system , are all satellites working properly or not ?  Error found on properly working of IRNSS.The whole errors that will notice by scientists will be fixed.If all satellite will work properly then the scientists will start the manufacturing of recievers.

After tcompletion of development of IRNSS satellite we can use the navigation system in our cars ,mobile etc.Usage of IRNSS will be of less in cost in comparison to using GPS navigation system, the licensing fee of GPS is very high.

Advantages Of IRNSS Satellite:-

There are various advantages if using IRNSS navigation system instead of other:-

● The location tracked by IRNSS will be accurate. The accuracy of location tracked by it will be similar to GPS.

● Services will provide by IRNSS not only in India but also on another neighbouring countries of India

● Now we are independent of the navigation system of other countries at Wartime, Disaster time, earthquake, Flood etc.

●  IRNSS navigation system will be of less cost in comparison of GPS navigation system.

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