On 29 March 2018, The Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) has successfully launched its own communication satellite known as GSAT 6A. The launching event of GSAT 6A communication satellite held at Satish Dhawan Space Center situated at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on Thursday and the GSAT 6A successfully launched at 4 : 56 PM. The GSAT 6A satellite successfully placed on its orbit at the space with the help of the rocket known as GSLV F08. The GSAT 6A Communication Satellite kept on back of the GSLV F08 and lift-off the rocket to space where the GSAT 6A successfully placed on its orbit.

Information About GSLV F08

GSLV F08 is Geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle of India, which is made to launch 2 ton square weight satellites in Geosynchronous Orbit. GSLV F08 is a vehicle that consists of three stages, which are as follows :-

First Stage -  The first stage of this vehicle is a solid core which is connected to four liquid strap-on motors.

Second Stage -  The second stage of the GSLV F08 is liquid stages.

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Third Stage -  The third stage is known as an upper stage. The upper stage contains two cryogenic propulsions -  Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen. These two cryogenic propulsions are filled in two different tanks.

GSLV F08 take off from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Center situated at Sriharikota. During the launch of GSAT 6A it was the twelfth flight of GSLV F08 and with Indigenous Upper stage, it was the sixth flight of the GSLV F08. With its metallic payload fairing, which is 7.8 meters long and 3.4 meters diameter, this flight is also equivalent to previous flights of GSLV F08. But some important improvements have been included in this flight. These improvements are - In the second phase, the High Thrust Vikas Engine ( HTVE ) has been used, which increases the functionality of GSLV F08. By using the Vikas engine thrust of GSLV F08 increased by 6%, thereby enhancing payload capability by 50%, In this flight Electro - Mechanic Actuation System is used instead of Electro-Hydraulic Actuation System, which increases the convincement of GSLV F08. GSLV F08, weighing 415.6 tonnes with a height of 49.1 meters comes with notable improvements made on it.

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Information About GSAT 6A Satellite

GSAT 6A is a satellite that is launched to support the GSAT 6 satellite which launched in August 2015 by ISRO. GSAT 6 satellite launched to improve the communication system, now with the GSAT 6A launch the communication will be better. As two satellite were used in the communication system, so the communication will be two-way communication. The first satellite GSAT 6 launched at the cost of ₹ 269 Crore and the second satellite launched at the cost of ₹ 147 Crore. In order to operate communication system by these satellites a 6-meter (20 ft) unfurlable S-band antenna which is similar to the one used on GSAT-6 has used. The size of S-Band antenna used in GSAT 6A is 3 times more in comparison with another satellite. Hence GSAT 6A will be more capacitive. As this satellite will provide mobile communication to India through multi-beam coverage. The GSAT-6A satellite will be put into geosynchronous transfer orbit around 17 minutes after three-stage rocket injected the satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit, and ISRO scientists at the mission control center broke into a celebration.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi also feeling proud on ISRO and given congratulations to ISRO.  Narendra Modi also shared their proud and happiness on twitter:-

@narendramodi   Mar 29 At 6:01 PM

Congratulations to @isro and other stakeholders on the successful launch of GSLV-F08 with the indigenous cryogenic stage.

@narendramodi    Mar 29 At 6 : 01 PM

GSAT-6A, a communication satellite, will provide new possibilities for mobile applications. Proud of @isro for taking the nation towards new heights and a brighter future.

 Advantages Of GSAT 6A Satellite

◆  The communication system will be better with the use of the GSAT 6A Satellite. the soldiers posted on the remote area had to face the problem but now they can communicate easily.

◆  The satellites that use the small antenna in size requires larger ground station arrangement but as the GSAT 6A uses larger antenna so it can operate easily even in smaller ground station arrangement.