Similarly to Bsc. B.C.A. is also a 3-year long course, BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. This course focuses on computers, software and applications, programming languages etc. After obtaining BCA degree postgraduate course - MCA Can also be for you. This is a master program and lasts for 2 years.

If we talk about employment opportunities, after completing B.C.A. Graduates can apply for jobs in both private and government sectors. On comparing both sectors private sector chips have more employment opportunities! Especially IT entrepreneurs recruit BCA. A large number of graduates! Even after doing MCA, one can also be in the teaching profession!

After completing the course, available Job Profiles are:-

Software Developer, Computer Engineer, Project Manager, Software Tester.


B.Arch. stands for Bachelor Of Architecture. On further explanation in simple, we can explain as it is a branch which is related to the planning and construction of houses, buildings, commercial structures, public utility structures etc, for the architecture of the Bachelor.

 The duration of the BArch. the course is 5 years long. If we discuss job opportunities, the graduates may work with any multinational companies and top players work as well as work in the construction sector. Also, if you are creative and passionate then you can start building yourself, plans, designs and houses and small projects. Gradually, you can climb the stairs and get out on the big enterprises.

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On seeing B.Pharm. in this section, many people may surprise.But really you can believe that even students of Mathematics Group Can also go for B.Pharmacy Course which is about Pharmaceutical Sector. It deals with topics such as making medicines, chemicals involved in making medicines, drug use etc.

The duration of this course is about 4 years long, after completing B. Pharm. A master's degree can follow it with M.Pharm. If we discuss job opportunities, pharmaceutical companies are the main job providers, jobs can also be found in hospitals that hire chemists, Opening own shop is another option. A combination of  B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. can help you in the field of research as well as in the teaching field.


B.B.A. stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. The curriculum has nothing to do with the science stream. Still, science stream students are eligible to take this forward.

The completion of the program is 3 years, After completing this course one can also be done for an MBA (Master of Business Administration), which lasts for 2 years.

Most of the B.B.A. graduates get jobs in the private sector.The job opportunities include managerial posts in the multinational companies, it will be a good place for the BBA. Grads for starting off.

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The Bachelor Programs in the Design field:-

Bachelor of Science stream, which has a nature for design and fashion, any of these design-related branches can take and create a good career. There is a list of programs that I found interesting:-

  Bachelor Of Fashion Design:-

Bachelor Of Fashion Design, A well-known curriculum taught at NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), this is a 4-year long course. There is a lot of demand for students interested in designing clothes and clothing in the program.

 Job possibilities with this course are good, when it comes to special courses, after graduation, there is a wide choice of potential careers to choose from. Some of them are - Designers, Freelance Design Consultants, Costume Designers, Illustrators etc. Apart from this, graduates can easily work in textile lines and designer-related multinational companies.

 Bachelor Of Leather Design:-

Similarly to the previous Course, the duration of this course is also 4-year long. In this area, job opportunities are also abundant. Mainly, this course completely deals with the design of leather products, construction of large-scale, good management, transportation etc.

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  Bachelor Of Accessory Designing:-

This course too has the duration of 4 years. This area completely belongs to designing high end and innovative designs and ready-made goods, jewellery etc. Not only the jewellery, this area also works with accessories such as shoes, interior design accessories, etc.

Bachelor Of Textile Design:-

This course also includes the duration of 4-year and this course primarily deals with all aspects related to the field of textile manufacturing, processing, design and management.This course is listed as one of the most popular courses undertaken by NIFT After completing this course anyone can easily get a job in the industries related to the clothing and textile industry.

Bachelor Of Knitwear Designing:-

 In the world of Design and Textile knitwear is emerging as the next big thing. This 4-year long course deals with the fundamentals of knitting and includes knowledge about the methods and tools of art.

 Bachelor of Fashion Communication. :-

 This course is newly listed, but definitely, it is high on promise and potential. In essence, this is all about sales (visual), design performance, fashion journalism, etc. As a fashion advisor, postgraduates can be expected to rent by media houses. Graduates can also become the main organizers of fashion events.

Animation Film Design:-

A 4-year course given by the prestigious NID (National Design Institute). Graduates of this course can become independent animations, can work under large Indian and international media production houses, advertising houses etc. Talking about this particular area are promising job prospects.

Ceramic and glass design:-

As from the ancient time this activity has been practised by humans.So this 4-year long course given by NID includes ancient techniques as well as art forms.Hence the duration of this course is 4 year.

 Furniture and Interior Design:-

The duration of this course is 4-year long. This course primarily related to various aspects of timber and other types of furniture and designing, construction, processing etc. of interior design goods.

  Product Design:-

The area of this course completely related to designing useful products or improving and innovating the design of pre-made products.According to its duration, this course is 4-year long . Course is innovative about everyone and by improving its design, making things more useful for mankind.

 Bachelor of Planning:-

Still it is not confirmed by us whether any private institute situated in India teaches their students this course or not, but unfortunately, in the CEPT (Environmental Planning and Technology Center), this course has been temporarily stopped.

This course has been done with the aim of resuming with very high-quality study materials and curriculum content. The course will be resumed in 2015.

Graduates of Interior Design:-

 The courses offered by many institutions (especially private) also provide diploma and certificate courses. But try to get admission in major institutions such as CEPT and select this course.

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 Teaching and Education Courses:-

These courses are well-known courses and popular teacher training courses. Usually, B. Ed. The most important course is when it comes to this category of business courses. And it can be adopted only after graduation but there are some teaching related courses, which can be done right after 12th science. They are in leadership:- Bachelor of Elementary Education, ( 4 years course)     Diploma in primary education     B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of physical education)    , Primary teacher training course (can follow with B.Ed.)

Pharm. D.:-

Pharm.D. stands for Doctor of Pharmacy, This is known for the doctoral degree program. The duration of this course is 6 years (5 years of the academic program and 1-year internship program). Similarly to B. Pharmacy, Pharm D is another professional course that can pursue both of the students of Mathematics and Biology Group.

 Management courses:-

After 12th Science (Mathematical Groups), students are also eligible to pursue management education. BBA (already mentioned) is the most popular choice among students these days. Many graduate-level management programs are available (both degree and diploma). Here are some famous degree courses-

1.)   B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)
2.)   B.M.S. (Bachelor of Management Studies)
3.)   Integrated BBA + MBA Program (5 years duration)
4.)   B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
5.)   Retail management (diploma)
6.)   B.B.E. (Bachelor of Business Economics)
7.)   B. B..S. (Bachelor of Business Studies)
8.)   B.I.B.F. (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)

 Degree course from other streams

 Students of Mathematics group are also eligible to pursue courses after 12th from other streams! Some examples of such courses are:- BCom, BA, Management courses etc.

 When selecting such courses, make sure that it is relevant and useful. There are some such courses-

1.)  B.Com. (Relevant specialization)
2.)  B. A. (Relevant specialization)
3.)  Bachelor of Social Work
4.)  CA (Chartered Accountancy)
5.)  Cs (company secretary course)
6.)  CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
7.)  Actuarial science
8.)  Bachelor of Statistics