Let's we discuss for students of biology group to pay attention to the courses. The listed courses are given below, for those students who have been the main subjects of physics, chemistry and biology in the 12th standard, Courses for students of Biology Group (P, C, B. Subject) are:-


After completing 12 Science with the medical stream, if student complete MBBS course then the demand of that student will reach the highest level. The MBBS consists of the duration of five and a half years. The academic period for MBBS is of four and a half years after which the internship runs for one year. So, by combining them together, the length of the MBBS program goes to 5.5 years.

All of us can understand the importance of this course as becoming a doctor is not very easy. For thus course Firstly students need to get an MBBS seat in any private or government college which is really a very difficult task. Again, the course is not easy too.After getting admission in a college for completing this course, if a student following it with PG curriculum then the student can build a rewarding career. Healthcare business is growing rapidly and may be demanding well-qualified doctors in the future.After getting a degree of MBBS, Anyone can get jobs in government or private sectors. Apart from this, opening your own clinic is also a good choice.


BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. The course consist of the duration is 5 years, Out of those 5 years students have to make study in the classroom for 4 years And last year is dedicated to the 1-year internship.

Access to the MBBS program is very difficult. But getting BDS seats is easy in the comparison of MBBS.If we discuss career, the chances of a career with BDS are slightly dim in comparison with MBBS. However, anybody can complete BDS, PG can follow it along the course and can make a good career.

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   B. Pharmacy

 The pharmacy course is in the pharmaceutical sector, it is related to the formation of medicines, chemicals involved in the manufacture of medicines, the use of medicines, etc. This course consists of the duration of 4 years long.

After completing B. Pharm. a master degree can follow it with M. Pharm. If we discuss job opportunities, after completing this course one can get a job easily in pharmaceutical companies because they are known as the main job providers. One can also get jobs in hospitals, which hire chemists. Public sector jobs are also available for graduates, such as in government hospitals, the Drugs Department As an officer in Opening your own shop is another option! Combination of B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. can help you in getting the job in the field of research as well as in the teaching field.


B.A.M.S. Standing for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, if you are interested to become an Ayurvedic Doctor, then I recommend you to complete a B.A.M.S. Course.The duration of the course is five and a half years. Four and a half years are dedicated to classroom courses and last year is for internships.

If we compare the admission procedure of this course with MBBS and BDS then it is very easy to get a seat in the BAMS program, If we discuss career prospects, future is bright in this field.In recent times, see the speed of developing health tourism.

Due to its increasing popularity and the lack of side effects, more and more people are trying for Ayurvedic treatment! Therefore, it is safe to say that employment opportunities will certainly increase in time, in the private and also in government sector jobs can be found.

Pharm. D.

 Pharm.D.  is a  very popular course due to its uniqueness, Due to the pronunciation of its name may look similar to Pharmacy courses. But if we comparing it with another pharmacy course it has got more than just the elements of the pharmacy program.

We can also know Pharm.D. as a mixture of B.Pharm. , M.Pharm. and also of MBBS.As due to these mixtures this clearly means that the course will be very long, thanks to the huge amount of study material the duration of this course is 6 years.

As the course is unique, a mixture of three courses so we can understand that job opportunities and career prospects are quite excellent for this course.Anyone can work in abroad after doing this course. Pharm.D. Graduates are more valuable in Western Countries that they are valued in India.

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B.H.M.S. stands for Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine Surgery. This course is mainly related to the expansion of homoeopathic medicines and processes. The course consists the duration of the five and a half years.

This course more valuable due to fact that there are still many people who depend on homoeopathic medicine and remedies. Therefore, finding a job in private hospitals is BHMS There will be no problem for the graduate.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has a good value in the physician sector, they need to help patients recover and rehabilitate patients with muscular injuries and physical injuries through surgical methods.

The duration of the course consists of four and a half years. Out of those 4.5 years, students have to make study in the classroom and practical lessons for 4 years and 6 months are dedicated to the internship.If we discuss career prospects of this course, after graduation, a person can get the job of physiotherapist in private as well as government hospitals. One can also start his own venture.

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 BUMS stands for Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery. This course completely popular as a professional course.Out of those 5.5 years, students have to make study in the classroom for 4.5 years and 1year is dedicated to the internship.Thus, it takes 5.5 years to complete this course.


 B.A.S.L P. stands for Bachelor of Audiology Speech Language Pathology. This course primarily deals with audiology, hearing disorders, auditory system, speech-language therapy, auditory implants, etc. The duration of this course consists ofl 4-year long course.

After completing the course, graduates will have to do one-year internship program. Thus, in total, this course takes 5 years to complete. After completing the course, graduates will be able to search for jobs in the following areas - for the hearing, marketing, rehabilitation clinic (for people suffering from hearing disorders), clinics and hospitals, special schools and educational institutions (for children with hearing disorders) And hearing aid manufacturing industry.

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Management Courses

After 12th science (biology group), students also pursue management education Are eligible for. Many graduate-level management programs are available (both degree and diploma). Here are some famous degree courses:-

1.)   B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)
2.)   B.M.S. (Bachelor of Management Studies)
3.)   Integrated BBA. + MBA Program (5 years duration)
4.)   B.H.M. (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
5.)   Retail Management (Diploma)
6.)   B.B.E. (Bachelor of Business Economics)
7.)   B. B..S. (Bachelor of Business Studies)
8.)   B.I.B.F. (Bachelor of International Business and Finance)

 Teaching and Education Courses:-

These courses are well-known courses and popular teacher training courses. Usually, B. Ed. The most important course is when it comes to this category of business courses. And it can be adopted only after graduation but there are some teaching related courses, which can be done right after 12th science. They are in leadership:- Bachelor of Elementary Education, ( 4 years course)     Diploma in primary education     B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of physical education)    , Primary teacher training course (can follow with B.Ed.)