Engineers of Google are performing very hard work for providing the web services in more helpful, user-friendly and effective manner so web users all around the world may use web services more efficiently in order to get help as they want, for this purpose google already launched its various applications like Areo ( An application for food delivery ), Tez ( an application for making payment or transfer of money easier ), Google Play Music ( a music player application ), Google Play Store ( an application available on Android smartphones as a store of all applications available on the web ), Youtube  ( an application for watching online videos ), etc. As these applications are for all users for common use. For those who are business owners and want to grow their business, Google has launched a software on 28 August 2006, the software known as G Suite. Let's discuss complete information related to G Suit Regarding, how to use G Suite, the advantages of using G Suite, etc.

G Suite

G Suite is a package of tools, software, and products developed by Google, G Suite completely based on cloud computing, productivity and collaboration.G Suite also provides the most beneficial and Useful services like the other software and tool developed by the google.  By using the G Suite Business owners can take their business to the next level easily. If you are also a business owner (  small as well as a large business owner), you can also use G Suite for growing your business and take it up to the next level, this software may be so helpful for you. As we consider the G Suite as a package of tools, software, and products developed by Google, the package contains the Google Apps for Your Domain. G Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and depending on the plan, an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services. Under the G Suite Package, all the applications will work for your business or domain, so G Suite can also be considered as a business version of Google's applications. It also includes the digital interactive whiteboard Jam board.

How To Use G Suite?

If you are interested to use G Suite to grow your business, All you need to do your best work together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone, or tablet. You must follow the following steps in order to set up the G Suite for your business:-

◆ Tap on the sign-up link for G Suite given below, now you will redirect to the signup page for G Suite.

 👉   G Suite Sign up

◆ After redirecting to sign up here a start free trial button will appear, just tap on it. Now a sign-up form will display, fill the complete details asked on sign up form and complete the sign-up process.

◆ After completing the sign-up process you need to sign in your account and set up the admin console for your domain.


G Suite provides the free trial for 14 days, hence users can use the G Suite for free for 14 days and after the completion of 14 Days of the free trial, you must choose your plan and pay for using the G Suite for further. The complete pricing information is given below:-

Basic Plan

If you choose the basic plan then you have to pay Rs 150 per user per month or Rs 1500 per user per year plus tax. The basic plan provides 30 GB free storage under Drive

Business Plan

If you choose the business plan then you have to pay Rs 600 per user per month or Rs 7200 per user per year plus tax. The business plan provides an enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving.

Enterprise Plan

If you choose the enterprise plan then you have to pay Rs 1,650 per user per month or Rs 19,800 per user per year plus tax. The enterprise plan provides a Premium office suite with advanced controls and capabilities.

Team Plan

If you choose the team plan then you have to pay $ 10 per user per month or $ 120 per user per year plus tax. The enterprise plan provides Cloud-based collaboration tools and unlimited storage you can use alongside your company's current email and calendar solution.


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How To Setup G Suite Admin Console

◆ Sign in to your G Suite account and get access to the admin console. Click on the Settings icon placed at the top corner and click on the Setup option.

◆ If you verified your domain previously then move for the further process, if not verified your domain then verify your domain and you must prove that you own the domain that filled by you in order to use G Suite with your domain.

◆ After verifying the domain you need to Create user accounts. If you work alone then set up a user account only for you or if you work with a team and want to access your team with G Suite account you can also create your team's user accounts.

◆ On further steps, you have to Set up all applications under the package like Gmail and other services like Google Calendar, Drive, and Sites, etc. for your domain.

◆ Migrate mail, use mobile devices, and more. Throughout setup, the wizard lets you tailor configuration for your organization, asking whether you want to migrate old mail, set up G Suite on mobile devices, and much more!

Advantages Of Using G Suite

After setting up the admin console you can set up google's tools and applications under the G Suite Package according to your domain. Various advantages of using G Suite:-


Gmail is an application developed by Google in April 2004, for sending and receiving the web-based email services. To use the Gmail services users need to create their email account. Which is in the format of ( This type of email ids are used for personal purpose but if you are using Gmail for business purposes you need a separate Gmail account, if you create your business account with a simple Gmail application then the email id will be off ( format. By using G Suite you can set up email id for your domain name in ( or ) format.


Drive provides the cloud storage to share and upload your important files or documents. You can access important files from anywhere, anytime, and keep them safe. You will get the storage of 30 GB, Up to 1 TB, or unlimited depending on your plan .You can sync your files to your mobile, tablet, or laptop through your account.

Google Sites

Google Site is a platform that allows users to create and edit their website without having any knowledge of coding or web designing. So you can create a website for your business through which you can easily share your business details directly to your customers all around the world easily.

Google Calendar

Google calendar allows users to check days and plan your schedule. But under the package of G Suite, google calendar is designed for the business purpose by using which you can plan a schedule for your business meeting with team members available time and their appropriate locations. You can also create a public calendar for your customers about your business upcoming events through which your customers get notified easily for your business upcoming events.


Hangout is an application that allows users to voice calls, text messages, and video calling with others. Under the G Suite Package Hangout provide advanced features for a business purpose such as you and your team members can share their screens with one another. While performing video calls auto intelligent muting features cancel the background noise and focuses on the face of the user who is speaking at the time. Businesses can host Hangouts on Air; public live streams that are automatically saved to the business YouTube account.

Google Plus

Google plus is a social networking platform that allows users to share the website with other people or communities. Under the G Suite package, google plus is designed for the business purpose which enhanced privacy control and restricted communities.

Other Tools And Applications

Apart from above application G Suite also allow users to use the Google's other tools and application like  Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Keep, Google Forums, Google Vault, Jam board, G Suit Marketplace, etc. Under the G Suite Package, these applications are also optimized and designed for the business purpose through which these applications provide an advanced feature in order to manage the business more easily and in more effective ways.

G Suite Privacy And Security Features 

◆  Custom spam and inbound mail filtering tools, to complement powerful spam filters that automatically work with no up-front configuration.
◆  Custom outbound mail filtering tools to prevent sensitive information from being distributed.
◆   Custom information sharing rules to determine how broadly employees are allowed to share with Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites.
◆  Custom password length requirements and visual strength indicators to help employees pick secure passwords.
◆   Enforced SSL connections with G Suite to ensure secure HTTPS access.
◆   Optional email archiving, having unlimited retention options.