As per the news, we find that the Central Board Of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) will take the re-exam of mathematics to the students of the class tenth and re-exam of economics to the students of class twelfth. Just after the 90 minutes of ending of class tenth mathematics examination CBSE board reported that the mathematics question papers of the class tenth as well as the economics question paper of class twelfth examination had leaked. Because of this reason, CBSE decided that the students of class tenth would attend the re-exam of mathematics and the students of class twelfth would have to attend the re-exam of economics.

So far the date of the re-examination is not announced. But as per expectation the date for re-examination may announce before the end of the week. About all the matter Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar has said," a new system should develop which will leak-proof system in place for conducting board exams. Seeking to reach out to parents and students worried over the alleged incidents of repeated leaks, Javadekar said he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and apprised him for the development of such system by using the latest technology, "which is so fool-proof that there is no leak", Javadekar added.

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The CBSE board has lodged two different complaints to Delhi police, one for the leakage of economics paper of class twelfth and another for leakage of mathematics paper of class tenth examination. The Delhi Police is engaged in the investigation of leakage of question paper. For the investigation, a special team set up by the Delhi police, the team is led by RP Upadhyay. RP Upadhyay is the senior police officer who heads the crime branch.

As per the statement given by police, the CBSE had lodged the first complaint that is related to the leakage of economics paper of class twelfth yesterday and lodged the second complaint that is related to leakage of mathematics paper of class tenth, following complaint are lodged by the regional director of CBSE.

As per the news, it finds that the question papers are leaked in handwritten format. During the investigation, some snapshots of handwritten question papers have received that are leaked by the perpetrator through the WhatsApp messenger. Since all the messages sending or receiving on WhatsApp are secured by the end to end encryption so there is some difficulty in finding the perpetrator.

Brief Discussion About Leakage Of Question Papers

On Monday, the day of examination a question paper of Class XII Economics had leaked in the handwritten format before the examination, On Tuesday night, at approximately, 9: 10 PM the Mathematics question paper in handwritten format had leaked.The Mathematics question paper too had been circulated widely in teacher and student groups, report about the leakage of question papers claimed by some students from Bihar and Abu Dhabi, they also claimed that they had access to the “leaked” paper.

A similar allegation of the paper leak was made during the Class XII accountancy exam, which was also acknowledged by Delhi deputy chief minister, who ordered an inquiry into the matter. However, CBSE had denied that any leak took place, claiming that “all seals were intact at the centers”.

A spokesperson Rama Sharma from CBSE Board said, " this year all papers that we sent across Delhi, India and abroad had the same set of questions. This was a break from the norm, wherein four different groups of papers are made for Delhi, rest of India, schools outside India, and one for reserve. However, according to sources, since the paper was the same for all students, the damage is also large-scale."

Prakash Javadrkar said that" There is not an only person behind the leakage of question papers, rather there are a group of teachers and students behind this. A special team of Delhi police is already investigating the matter and the guilty will not spare,"

In addition, Prakash Javadekar said, "We will ensure no injustice will occur with the students. I just want to tell the parents and students that it is extremely unfortunate that this incident happened,"

Suspects For The Leakage Of Question Papers

As per the investigation there are three suspects found for the leakage mathematics question paper of class tenth and economics question paper of class twelfth.The suspects including an institute and two schools.

The CBSE told Delhi Police in a complaint that, On 23 March, it received a fax naming a person from Rajinder Nagar behind the CBSE paper leak. Dealing with the leakage of the Class 10 mathematics and Class 12 economics board exam papers, According to the complaint, the person whose name printed on fax runs a coaching institute.

The complaint sent by an unknown source on March 23 also named two schools from the same vicinity as complicit in the leakage, the CBSE conveyed to the Delhi Police on Thursday. In the letter to the Delhi Police, the CBSE stated that the complaint copy was forwarded to the regional office of CBSE on March 24 and to Inspector Sushil Yadav on his Whatsapp.

On March 26, CBSE academic unit received an unaddressed envelope containing four sheets of handwritten answer papers of economics paper held on that day. It was indicated in the papers kept inside the envelope that the question paper was leaked and circulated through four WhatsApp numbers," the letter read.

Such type of case related to leakage of question papers does not occur first time with CBSE Exams. In 2006, there was also the case related to leakage of Business Studies question  paper of twelfth class that was investigated by the police, During the investigation police found suspects connected with the Varanasi bomb blasts. In 2011, three persons named  Krishnan Raju (principal of government senior secondary school at Lapati, Car Nicobar), Rashid (executive engineer of the Andamans PWD), and Vijayan (a forest ranger) were arrested by the police on charges of leaking the question papers of the on-going CBSE exams. The question papers included those of Class XII Science and Mathematics.