For all the 10th standard student of Central Board Of Secondary Examination ( CBSE ), here is a good news for them from the CBSE board. And that good news is, the CBSE board has decided to give the compensation of two marks for all students who appeared in the examination of English subject conducted by CBSE this year.

As the examination of the English subject of class 10th, conducted by CBSE  on the 12 March 2018, the students attend the examination. While attending the examination, attempting the question typed on question paper distributed to them, students notified that there is a typing error on the question including two marks.

According to the online petition, typing error found in the passage section of the question paper.Students had to read a passage and write synonyms for the words “endurance”, “obstruction” and “motivation”.But the paragraphs they were supposed to look at were incorrectly marked. In paragraphs, two, four and five, respectively had its answers in paras three and six.

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After finding the typing error in question a group of several students and teachers approached to CBSE with the plea that examination of English that conducted by CBSE class 10th on 12 march had a typing error in the comprehension passage section. As a result of plea officials of CBSE provided their attention on it and took the decision of providing compensation of two marks for students who appeared for the examination.

“The typing error has been noticed and it has been Board’s policy to not let students face any disadvantage. The marking scheme has been decided in the interest of students and all those who appeared for the particular question will be awarded two marks,” a senior CBSE official said.

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"Evaluation is a very secretive process. Though the marking policy is always decided to keep the interests of students in mind, an expert committee examines whether it is an error in the first place or not and how students' interest can be safeguarded," a senior CBSE official said then.

The Class 10 and 12 board examinations began on March 5 and the class 10 exams were concluded by April 4. Class 12 Board exams will be concluded by April 25.As Earlier, CBSE board reported that the mathematics question papers of the class tenth as well as the economics question paper of class twelfth examination had leaked. Because of this reason, CBSE decided that the students of class tenth would attend the re-exam of mathematics and the students of class twelfth would have to attend the re-exam of economics.