Debunking the myths regarding Coronavirus

Coronavirus is threatening the world with its dangerous and viral spell. It has affected many people in various ways. But, this virus is being presented, not the way it actually is. Yes, there is a possibility of you believing in "myths" about coronavirus that you have heard on television. Let's have a look at the famous myths regarding coronavirus and discover the reality behind these myths.

Myth No. 1: Getting Coronavirus means immediate death:

This is not the truth, you might think like that.

But the truth is the opposite. It is similar to seasonal viruses leading to the flu, cold or mild pain. Only 2% of people have been critically ill due to this virus and have developed pneumonia out of this virus. This happens to patients with weak immunities or a detailed medical history with various diseases.

Myth No. 2: Coronavirus is the worst virus ever:

People call this virus as the deadliest virus ever. Which is not true.

Coronavirus is not as fatal as it is perceived to be. You have a high chance of recovery from coronavirus if you have strong immunity and you are vaccinated against pneumonia. You can only get influenza and fever after infection.

Myth No. 3: Wearing a mask can protect from coronavirus:

This is the craziest myth of them all. You might think or have heard that people say wearing a mask will protect you from the virus in the air.

Yes, wearing masks is a preventive measure for coronavirus. But this is not the ultimate solution to prevent the Coronavirus. Coronavirus might transfer via surfaces of contact between people. You must wash your hands, keep separate stuff for your use. and clean your place for more precautions against the coronavirus.

Myth No. 4: Coronavirus is originated from a bat or snake soup:

This is a perception that developed among the western world and traveled all along to the east. You might also think that the same was perceiving the diet plan of china where this virus had originated.

The truth is that the disease broke out from a vet market where there are a large number of animals. We can not specifically target bats and snakes though as the source of this virus.
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Myth No. 5: A package is shipped from China is infected with Coronavirus

Seriously, this myth is laughable at best. Many people actually believe that using Chinese stuff or shipping items from China would carry the virus to them, and they will be infected.

On come on, whenever items are shipped, they are seal packaged. You remove the seal pack before using the items. The articles within the package are entirely safe from the virus even if there was a possibility of an infected person treating the package during the shipping process. And amazingly, this virus can not survive long outside the human body due to unfavorable conditions. You can also get rid of the virus using bleaches and cleaning chemicals on surfaces.

Myth No. 6: Closing Borders Can Stop Coronavirus From Spreading

This what's done by most countries. China has been locked down by many countries that have denied flight operations. They have also evacuated their people from this region.

The virus may travel distances through the air. It should not be treated as something inhuman happening there.

Myth No. 7: Only Chinese People Have Coronavirus:

As soon as the virus broke out in the Chinese province of Wuhan, people developed the perception that it can only affect the chines people as they are ones who eat bats and snakes.

By the time, the myth has proved itself to be wrong. This virus has spread in more than 100 countries and has affected more than 300 thousand people to date.

Myth No. 8: The Virus Only Affects Older People

Although the highest ratio of mortality due to coronavirus consists of old people, we can't say that coronavirus affects old people only.

Cases Of Infants and young people have been reported who are infected with the coronavirus. This mortality ratio of older people is due to the weak immunity of these people, which is the critical factor of coronavirus becoming critical.

Myth No. 9: Coronvirus Is Somewhat Related To Corona Beer

Corona Beer is a popular beer around the world. You might think this beer is slightly related to the coronavirus, but this is a total myth.

The only relation between the two items is the same name, "Corona."

Myth No. 10: My Pet Give Me A Virus

People think coronavirus came from animals including bats and snakes. This might make you believe that animals carry this virus and so do your pets!

This is the truth that an animal version of this virus also exists. However, if your pets are properly vaccinated, you don't need to worry about them! You won't get infected from them.

Myth No. 11: Some Powers Created Corona And Spread It Deliberately

This is a myth that has come out after the revolution of some book snippets and cartoons of the 20th century, which have talked about something similar to coronavirus. People have started to think that coronavirus is something preplanned.

This not a fact. This might be a coincidence among the books and cartoons, but coronavirus was not planned. If it had been expected, there might be a solution discovered earlier to avoid this mortality rate.

Myth No. 12:  Antibiotics Can Treat This Virus

Many countries have a belief that coronavirus is similar to seasonal influenza and that it can be treated with topical medicines that are often prescribed for seasonal flu, fever, and others.

This is not true, you can get yourself in further danger by using antibiotics for a viral infection. Don't be a doctor if you are not one.

Myth No. 13: If You Get Pneumonia Vaccines, You Will Stay Safe From Coronavirus

Doctors have revealed that coronavirus in severe cases turns into a pneumonia-like disease that damages the lungs.

This is not pneumonia. So you cannot say if pneumonia vaccines can prevent you from getting the coronavirus. Now, it is more likely your strong immunity keeps you in a safe place from coronavirus.

Myth No. 14: Coronavirus And SARS Are The Same

In 2003, China was struck with a deadly SARS virus, which affected many people and left 7,000+ casualties.

This coronavirus is not the same SARS virus. Both of these are different. The primary symptoms might be the same as fever, flu, and pain but the final impact is far different. There are other differences as well.

We will get into an in-depth discussion if we start coronavirus and SARS. So for now, SARS and coronavirus are two different things.

Myth No. 15: Coronavirus Is Equivalent To A Seasonal Winter Flu

Many people who had been infected with coronavirus and later recovered say that the pain and suffering while being in coronavirus was less or equivalent to the pain in seasonal winter flu. Flu is just a symptom of the coronavirus attack.

Myth No. 16: You Will Be Infected With Coronavirus If You Stay With An Infected Person For Ten Minutes

You might think that being in the vicinity of a person affected with coronavirus for ten minutes can be dangerous for you. But This is not the truth.

Although, you have a higher chance of getting the coronavirus with some physical closeness to the person. But this virus can also transfer via contaminated surfaces and used items such as clothes, towels, and others.

Myth No. 17: Coronavirus Is Not Curable

People believe coronavirus can not be cured at all. This is not somehow true that no real treatment of this disease has been discovered yet.

More than 12,000 people with less infectious coronavirus have already recovered from the virus and returned to their happy life. As mentioned there is a two percent chance of getting into a severe coronavirus.

Myth No. 18: We All Die In Case Of A Pandemic

Pandemic is a condition when the world declares a medical emergency due to the outbreak of a new disease worldwide. This can lead to a massive impact on people and can lead to severe panic among them. You might think that the pandemic will be disastrous and we all would die ultimately. This is not true.

A spread of disease can not definitely be cured with preventive measures and attempts to discover the cure.

Myth No. 19: Garlic And Ginger Can Protect You From Coronavirus

Some eastern herb specialists say that ginger and garlic can cure coronavirus or, at least, keep you away from this disease.

This remedy can keep you away from the flu and fever. But if the virus enters your body, you won't have any chance to skip from the flue, illness and other symptoms to show that you are infected.

Myth No. 20: Red Marine Algae Is Sufficient For Coronavirus

Red marine algae are a common remedy observed to stop most viruses worldwide. Many people advised leaving infected people of corona in a mild colony of red marine algae for the entire day and this will absorb all coronavirus into the body.

The truth is that these algae are not found to be useful for coronavirus. There is simply more information we need to discover to effectively control coronavirus. Until then, most prevention is advised. I think it's time, we get over these myths.

Share any myths you have heard about the coronavirus and we will debunk them for you.

            " Stay Strong, don't listen to the fake news around the internet."

To sum it all up in one sentence, your chance of winning a lottery which is one in 40 million, is more than getting the COVID-19. Together we will defeat the coronavirus!

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