The process of being tested for the Coronavirus is very easy. It can be done almost anywhere. It typically involves taking a sample of cells from the back of the nose, using a swab. The sample is then sent to a lab where testing is done. The process is similar to the one used for collecting flu samples. While collecting a sample is pretty easy.

Determining whether a person is infected or not is complicated. The current method of testing looks for the virus's genetic material, specifically RNA of the virus in a patient. To know about the presence of the virus's RNA in a patient.

A test called reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction is performed.
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First, the viral RNA is converted into DNA, then the DNA is replicated millions of times. Until there are sufficient copies to detect. Special equipment called a Quantitative PCR instrument is used.

If the sample contains the genetic material of the virus, Then it is concluded that the patient is positive. The time duration with this method is 24-72 hours. This type of genetic testing is generally very accurate. It is more accurate than the rapid flu tests. The availability of tests is now turning to be a big issue.
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The test for the coronavirus requires a kit, specialized equipment, and specially trained personnel. As with all outbreaks, this pandemic will end too.

In the meantime, to stay safe, people need to wash their hands.

Limit their social interactions to minimize exposure.

There is so much more to be learned about the COVID-19. Only time will tell if it will disappear from the world, as SARS disappeared in 2004 or will it become a seasonal disease like flu.

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