The creation of the universe took place billions of years ago due to the "Big Bang". When humans tried to investigate the secrets related to Big Bang, many secrets opened in front of us. The discovery of the universe being filled with dark energy and dark matter was also discovered, but a question that swirled in the minds of scientists is that the matter that created the common things and organisms, where is the matter in the universe. After searching in the midst of galaxies for decades, scientists in Australia have finally found out where the lost matter is.

Where Was This Matter Found?

Scientists call it Baryonic Matter. There have been small flashes of energy in the universe called Radio Bursts. When scientists started studying them, it was found that the lost normal matter was actually spread like a cold gas between stars and galaxies. According to Jean-Pierre Macquart, Associate Professor at the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research, Curtin University, the space between galaxies is very wide. The matter found there seems so low as one or two atoms inside a room.

Effects Of Matter Fast Radio Bursts

Fast Radio Bursts were first discovered in 2007 but have not yet been fully studied. FRBs travel and spread across the Universe. Due to the matter through which they pass, their speed slows down. With this matter, the frequency of each radio energy is slowed differently. Scientists studied how far these bursts took place and how much they had spread as they reached Earth and based on this, they found out where they could be found in the galaxy.

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How This Matter Was Found?

For this discovery, scientists used CSIRO's Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) made of  36 parabolic dish antennas, each of 12-meter diameter in the Murchison region of Western Australia. With the help of this, a large part of the sky can be seen clearly. Without the discovery of the origin of the FRB, ASKAP captured it and also analyzed its wavelength. The very large telescope of Chile then traced the distance between Earth and the galaxy from where these FRBs came. With its help, scientists discovered how much matter was present there.

Matter Will Help To Reveal More Secrets Of The Galaxy

Scientists say that the use of FRB is the first step in further exploration in the invisible universe. Dr. Jean-Pierre Macquart says that now with the help of 100 or more FRBs, this matter will be studied in more depth. He said that this makes the Atmosphere of the Matter Universe. This is the ecosystem in which galaxies reside. By tracing its structure, astronomers can understand the secret of galaxies' birth and death.