Our world is full of many strange mysteries. There are many puzzles in them, which get entangled as much as they try to solve. One such mystery is the presence of Aliens. Actually, it is believed that this year the activities of aliens have increased on the earth.

There have been reports of UFOs being seen one after another in the world. This time again one such case came out from Australia. Here, in a small village of Nimbin, a woman saw a UFO moving in the sky for 40 minutes.
The woman made a video of this entire incident, then the world also believed her. In such a situation, many people have started raising questions on social media whether aliens are trying to establish their empire on earth.

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Kaz Woodall, living in Nimbin, Australia, captured UFOs in her camera. She told in an interview that the UFO came from behind the hills. This incident happened on May 19 when she came out of her house to walk her dog. She saw something moving in the sky, which was like a black ring.
Kaz told the media that this strange object visible in the sky was moving around the same place. She asked a man near her house to see it from his telescope, after which they were convinced that it was a UFO.

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When Kaz shared this photo on social media, many people commented on it differently. Some wrote that these aliens were waiting for the end of the world from Coronavirus? While some users made fun of these photos.