Due to coronavirus infection, there is a danger of destroying human life all over the earth. In such a situation, the question arises whether life exists in space other than Earth. The videos released by the US Department of Defense show that the creatures of another planet, that is, aliens exist and they often come into our world.

The US Department of Defense has released some such videos, which can be said that the creatures of another planet have a great interest in our earth. The Pentagon has made three videos public by removing them from the classified category. After seeing those, this debate has intensified whether life exists even outside the earth?

American Pilots Captured The UFO In-Camera

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has removed three videos of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) from the classified category. That was pictured on camera by US Navy pilots during flight. It is believed that these are UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) i.e. flying objects.

Videos Have Been Recorded In The Last Several Years

It is not that the movement of aliens has suddenly increased on the earth. Rather, they keep coming to the earth constantly. Three videos have been released. One of those videos was recorded in November 2004. While the remaining two videos were recorded in January 2015.

These videos were circulating among the people even before. After which the US Department of Defense (DOD) officially released these videos.
Releasing these videos, the Defense Department said in a statement, "We are releasing this video to clear this confusion of the people so that the footage being circulated is true or not and whether there are more such videos or not. The aircraft has seen in the video fall under the category of "unknown".

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'The department after a thorough review decided that the authorized release of these videos would not remove any sensitive information and would not affect the investigation into the intrusion of unknown airborne into military airspace.'

Truth Has Been Confirmed

These videos were increasingly circulated among the common people. But there was confusion among people about their timing and purpose. Because of this, a variety of rumors were flourishing. Because of which it was decided to release this video officially.

Two of these videos were published by the American newspaper New York Times in the year 2017. While another video was released by private institute 'To the Stars Academy' in the year 2018.

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, has also confirmed the truth of these three videos in 2019.

How Were These Videos Recorded?

One of these videos was recorded in the year 2004. In it, American Navy pilots saw a 40-foot object hovering in the air during their training. This object (UFO) was hovering 50 feet above the surface of the water. It is being told that in the year 2015, a similar scene was seen again.

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In another video, a long object is seen moving from Earth to space. In this video, a flying object like a small bullet appears. Which keeps hovering in the air for a while. After which it disappears by flying in space at a very high speed like a rocket.

Seeing its speed, the pilots of the aircraft keeping an eye on it are surprised. They ask each other whether other people have seen it.

In the third video, there is an elliptical plane-like object, which appears to rotate in the same place.

US Navy Has Confirmed

Defense Department spokesman Susan Gough has confirmed November 2004 and January 2015 at the time of recording these three videos.

Joseph Gradscher, Deputy Chief of the US Navy, has also described these videos as real. However, he has not stated anything clearly about the objects seen in these videos. The only thing he has told about these items is that all these flying objects have unofficially appeared in unknown training areas under military control.

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After the official release of these videos, it seems that beings from other planets keep coming to Earth. But why do they not want to contact humans? The curtain is still to be lifted from this point. Or maybe they are waiting for the time.

These aliens or UFOs are dangerous to humans or friends. The curtain is still to be lifted from this point also.