These days, scientists are doing research on the Moon and Mars for the possibility of habitable conditions for humans. In such a situation, the question is arising in the mind of people that how long a person can stay alive in the planets of our Solar System. By the way, we all know that at this time in our solar system, only Earth is the planet that is worth living. But what if humans somehow appear on these planets?

What are the conditions on these planets?

Looking at the recent research of scientists, this question is justified, what kind of conditions are there in terms of compatibility of life in these planets. In an article by "The Sun", Dr. Daniel Brown of Nottingham Trent University explained the conditions of the planets on our solar system. The condition of these planets is very difficult according to humans, but on some planets, humans may stay alive for some time, but the conditions of most of the planets are such that humans cannot even think to go there.

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Only two minutes into Mercury?

Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun. It is generally believed that it will always be very hot due to its proximity to the Sun, but it is not true, how hot it is, depends on its orbit. During the time of its 88 (Earth's) days, the part of it which is in front of the Sun, the temperature in it rises to 425 ° C and when it is night there, the temperature becomes -150 ° C. The atmosphere on the planet Mercury is negligible. In such situations, you will either freeze in two minutes or burn like toast.

Venus is the hottest planet

Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun after Mercury, but it is the hottest than all planets. Its atmosphere is very dense. Its temperature is 470 ° C and there are plenty of sulfuric acid clouds. According to Dr. Brown, here you will burn in one second.

Earth is suitable but ...

Our planet is the third planet in our solar system, which is the best fit for our living at this time. Dr. Brown says that although our environment is very fragile, it is still quite suitable. We can live here for 80 years, but tampering with the environment and climate can cost us dearly, it will not affect the earth.

Blood will boil in cold Mars

After Earth, this is the planet that scientists hoping for suitable conditions for life. We will need a lot of oxygen and some special equipment and accessories. But a person cannot live without protection for a very long time. Mars is very cold as expected. The conditions here are similar to Antarctica in summer. The atmosphere here is quite thin. Because of this, our blood will start boiling there. Dr. Brown says that if you are lucky, then you will be able to stay alive for two minutes.

There is no surface on the planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet in our solar system. It is recognized as a very large sphere of gas. That is, there is no surface for humans. Dr. Brown says that it is very cold due to being away from the Sun, but the problem here is the atmosphere which will pull you towards the center of the planet. But during this time you will evaporate. But before that, you will not be able to withstand a lot of pressure and can break into pieces in a second.

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Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

These three planets are also large but different in sizes and belong to family gas giants. According to Dr. Brown, it does not matter because you will be broken into pieces by falling into its atmosphere. All these hypotheses are based on the information available about these planets. Arriving on distant planets is also a very difficult task. Before these hypotheses are possible, we have to reach there safely.