The research for the possibility of life on the planet Mars is not over, but till now scientists did not get any convincing evidence or promising indications. For some time, adverse conditions of life were being found on Mars. The absence of liquid water on the surface due to the  Very low temperature was prominent in this. But scientists had hoped that under the surface of Mars (Subsurface) there could be reserves of liquid water. Confirmation of this has been found from Mars Express of the European Space Agency (ESA) which has found signs of liquid water on Mars.

Where the lake of liquid water discovered?

Mars Express has discovered many reserves of water below the south pole surface of Mars. Scientists discovered the reserves with the help of the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) equipment. This research has bolstered all those researches which had speculated that there may be presence liquid water on Mars.

How did MARSIS discover the lake of water?

This ESA expedition has discovered a vast reservoir of water that separates other small water bodies from dry places. MARSIS equipment from ESA's Mars. At Mars, the instrument with its long antenna will fly over the planet, bouncing radio waves over a selected area and then receiving and analyzing the "echoes." Any near-surface liquid water should send a strong signal, while ice would be more difficult to detect since its electrical radar signal would be about the same as a rock.

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This is not the first such discovery on Mars. Earlier in the year 2018, researchers used the same MARSIS instrument and announced that they had discovered a very large lake below the surface of Mars. But many experts raised questions on this study raising doubts about the nature of liquids. They said that the scientists have not found convincing evidence that the discovered liquid area is a lake of water.

How the researcher discovered lakes of water on mars 

Researchers at Università Degli Studi Roma Tre studied data that were based on techniques that studied the lakes beneath the Antarctica glacier through the Earth Satellite. On this basis, the researchers analyzed the data sent by MARSIS and studied the sources of water on Mars. Due to this, they found the location of water bodies on Mars. This discovery is different from all other discoveries. Before this, all the liquid areas that have been found, were found in the main dry area, which appeared to be an area filled with many saline lakes. But this time a large fluid terrain has been found.

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From this research, the possibility of life on Mars can get a new direction. Researchers say that liquid water is required for life, in which case the possibility of getting life there becomes strong. This can prove to be a major milestone in the direction of colonization on Mars.

Scientists are very hopeful about Mars

Scientists have got many proofs that there must have been water before and there may have been life too. These water signs can also be confirmed by NASA's Perseverance Rover next year, as one of its goals in this mission is to investigate water and life below the surface of Mars.