There was a terrible flood on Mars ever. Scientists are calling it Megaflood. At the same time, they are also hoping that if there was a flood, it means there were life ever. Mars Curiosity Rover sent by NASA has sent evidence of floods on Mars. By analyzing data sent by the Mars Curiosity rover, scientists believe that millions of years ago there must have been life on Mars.

What is the reality of floods and life on Mars?

Researchers at Jackson State University, Cornell University, and the University of Hawaii are currently analyzing data sent by Mars Curiosity Rover with NASA. Analysis of this data revealed that 400 million years ago, there was a terrible flood on Mars. Evidence of this is found in the Gale Crater of Mars.

How did the incidence of such a terrible flood occurred on Mars? 

Let us tell you that there is snow on Mars. 400 million years ago there would have been a lot of snow there. An asteroid would have fallen on it. The energy and heat generated by this collision must have melted the ice and taken the form of a terrible flood.

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After examining the data from Curiosity, the scientists found that the depth of this catastrophic floodwater in Gale crater was about 78 feet. But when the waves arose, they were devastating. Every second a 32 feet high wave was rising. If such a high wave arises in someplace, every second, then the devastation caused by it can be catastrophic.

Researcher Alberto G. Fairen carried out this study. Fairen told that 400 million years ago there were parts of life on Mars. The nature of life must have been very subtle. That is, microbial organisms must have been live there. At the time of the flood, some waves were 30 feet high. The water wave was spread up to 450 feet.

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Due to these waves, there are marks on the surface of Mars. These marks were created by waves. After studying them, it was found that where and how much quantity of water must have spread in the Gale crater. Scientists also came to know that how long this water must have been flowing there. Because traces of big waves are also found in the rocks and soil of the Gale crater. Scientists are calling these, megaripples or antidunes.

The basis of the study that scientists have done about this flood is the marks found on the stones, pits, sediments, and soil, size and inclination of stones located in the Gale crater of Mars. Humans have now learned about this flood when they examined the data of Curiosity Rover. Whereas, orbiters moving around Mars cannot give this information.

Alberto said that when the flood was over, the water would evaporate due to heat. The moisture content in Mars's atmosphere would have increased. Even if it is for a short time, it will happen. By taking advantage of this time, micro-organisms must surely thrive. Because there was another study, it indicated that 400 million years ago there was a storm on the red planet. Because of which there was water in the pits there, rivers were flowing.