Have you ever wondered why iPhones are so expensive? This question often comes in the mind of all of us. Because iPhones are very expensive compared to smartphones. Although its features are almost the same as a normal smartphone, but still it is found quite expensive in the smartphone market.

iPhone is a product of apple company. Apple is a very big company based on technology that makes many products. Such as smartphone, laptop, computer, smart watch etc. The phone of Apple company is called iPhone.

When And Where The Apple Company Started?

For your information, we would like to tell that Apple is an American company. Which was started on 1st April 1976, and now it is a very big and well established company. Its business is spread all over the world. Its products are bought all over the world.

Why iPhones Are So Expensive?

Apple company is mainly known for its expensive products. Every product of this company is very expensive compared to other companies. Although iPhones are quite expensive, but whenever a new model of iPhone comes in the market, it goes out of stock very quickly. People stand in queues outside the shops for hours to buy it. Many people consider the iPhone as a status symbol. But it is also known for excellent quality and good performance. Let's know some reasons why Apple's iPhone is so expensive?


Retina display is used in iPhone, Retina display has more pixels than other smartphone's display. The display which more pixels provide the better picture quality. Due to more pixels, the display of the mobile looks very good, apart from this, retina display also causes less harm to our eyes. The cost of retina display is high, so very few smartphone companies use it.

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Camera Quality

The camera quality of iPhone is much better than other smartphones, because a great camera is made by combining hundreds of expensive and different parts in the iPhone. Actually the lenses used in Apple's camera are very expensive. Because of this, the clarity of the image captured by the iPhone is much better than on Android. To make the quality of the camera even better, hundreds of engineers in the company work only to make the superb quality of the camera. Whenever the iPhone camera is ready, it is being tested by using it in different modes and only then it is launched in the market.


The speed of any phone depends on its processor. The processor of the iPhone is much better and more advanced than the rest of the smartphone. The rest of the smartphone companies use the processor of a third party company. But the Apple company uses its own processor in the iPhone, whose processing speed is very fast. Therefore, in terms of processor too, the iPhone is much better than the smartphone. Its processor is made by very high quality and expensive parts, so the cost of making it is also high.

If we compare iPhone and Android, then iPhone is much faster than Android in some measure, the main reason is their operating system and their processor.

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If you use iPhone for video editing, then the rendering file of video editing is created much faster in iPhone as compared to Android. Along with this, the processor of iPhone is much faster than Android, due to which it is also fun to play games in it.

The processor that is installed in Android is created by third party Android, but iPhone has its own processor. Because of this, it is much faster than Android.

Operating System

Google's Android operating system is used in almost all the smartphones in the world. But the iPhone is the only smartphone that has an operating system of its own. Which is called iOS. It is the second most used operating system in the world after Android. 

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Own operating system makes the iPhone safer and faster and the iPhones are much faster as compared to Android. Actually the Android system is made by Google and being an open source, it can be used by other companies such as Mi, Vivo, Oppo uses Android. But Apple has its own operating system which is used only in iPhone and in Apple laptops.

Security And Privacy

iPhone's operating system ( iOS) is a very secure operating system, so it does not have as many features as Android. Many people buy iPhone only after because of the high security of the iPhone.

This is the main reason why the iPhone is expensive because security is very high in the iPhone and it is also very difficult to hack the iPhone very. Most people tamper with Android by rooting it, but it is difficult to do in iPhone.

Apple is the best option for all the people who want to keep their privacy safe and secure because hacking an Apple's iPhone is not that easy as you can do in android smartphone.

Brand Value And Trust

Talking about the industry experts, Apple over the years has established a distinct reputation for the quality and industrial design of its products. This reputation has earned for the company millions of loyal customers. And when brand loyalty turns into loyalty to Apple, it comes out in the form of a premium that they are able to easily charge from customers who are unwilling to choose companies other than Apple.

Hope, now you must have come to know that why is the iPhone so expensive, in this post we have explained the main reason for this, which would have made it easier for you to understand it. By the way, let us tell you that gold and silver are used in many parts of Apple's iPhone. However, its quantity is very less, about 0.034 grams of gold and 0.34 grams of silver. Apart from all this, high quality parts are used in the iPhone, due to which its price is so high.