China is using robots, drones, QR codes, and face-detection to fight coronavirus. Chinese citizens are now required to install an app on their smartphones. The app dictates whether a person should be quarantined or allowed into subway, malls and other public spaces.

Using QR Code Against COVID-19

People can scan a QR code to get a green, yellow or red tag. Green means you are healthy and can travel around the city. Yellow means a 7-day quarantine and red means a 14-day quarantine.

Using Application Against COVID-19

The application checks if a person has been in close contact with people exposed to the fast-spreading coronavirus. Authorities have also deployed drones to disinfect areas. They also used drones that fly with a loudspeaker to tell people they should keep their masks on. Some companies are using drones to transport medical samples.

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Using Robots Against COVID-19

Robots are being used to conduct thermal imaging or contactless delivery or to perform basic diagnostic functions.

Using Drones Against COVID-19

Additionally, police are flying drones with a large QR code around vehicle checkpoints. People are supposed to scan the flying code to register their health information. This information is then used to control people's movement.

Using Facial Recognition Against COVID-19

A Chinese company says it has developed the first facial recognition technology that can identify people even when they are wearing a mask. Many people are wearing masks because of the coronavirus. This new technology can help contain the disease.

The company said that if connected to a temperature sensor, the new technology can measure body temperature while identifying the person's name. The company used a sample database of about 6 million unmasked faces and a much smaller database of masked faces.

The team began working on the system in January. The software can identify everyone in a crowd of 30 people within a second. When wearing a mask, the recognition rate can reach about 95%.

The police can cross-reference images with its own database and then identify and track people who might not comply with regulations.

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