Many times disasters come as a signal. For example, a special variety of bamboo found in the dense forests of Mizoram - Mautam. In the local language, it means famine. After half a century these bamboo forests are laden with flowers. Protein-filled seeds of those flowers are very tasty to mice. Their population increases unmatched. Then when the flowers fall, the hungry mice eat the crops. Do not leave anything. Famine spreads by living rats. There was a lesson in understanding this pattern. As a result, when the bamboo flowered in 2004, plans were ready.

It means to say that disasters teach a lesson. Coronavirus will also give many lessons. An important lesson will also be related to the World Health Organization. Because perhaps there is a WHO guilty of Coronavirus along with China. How to read further.

WHO got a warning in December

Taiwan is an island. Which calls itself an independent country. But according to China, it is only part of them. Date of December 31, 2019. Taiwan warns WHO. A warning was about a mysterious disease spreading in China. Taiwan had said that the disease is contagious and it has proof of it. However, the WHO did nothing on this warning. About a fortnight later, on 14 January WHO tweeted. Wrote, in the initial investigation conducted by China, no clear evidence of this disease spread from humans to humans. By 20 January, Coronavirus patients had been found in three countries outside China. Two in Thailand. One in Japan. One in South Korea. Finally, on January 22, a WHO tweet came out. Japan, South Korea and Thailand were mentioned in it. The WHO had assumed that the disease spreads from humans to humans. On January 23, China implemented a lockdown in Wuhan province. But by this time, about 50 lakh people had left from there.

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WHO Director-General was praising China

It is only January 22-23. An emergency meeting of the WHO was held after the coronavirus became known to be contagious. There was a debate about whether Coronavirus should be declared a health disaster of international concern. When this happens, the other countries would be alert. While preparing But this announcement was not made. Five days later, WHO chief Tedros Adenum Gabriessis was in China. On January 28, he sat down with President Xi Jinping and praised him in front of the world. Said that the steps taken by China for the protection of the whole world should be appreciated. Tedros also praised China's system. Said, he has no doubt about China's commitment to transparency. Two days after this, on 30 January, the WHO declared an international health emergency on Coronavirus. But even after this, WHO was advising countries not to ban travel.

WHO helped in China's lies?

Today is the 8th of April. COVID-19 cases have crossed 1.5 million worldwide. About 70 thousand people have died. Research from the University of Southampton says that if China had taken steps on COVID-19 three weeks ago, these cases could have been reduced by 95 percent. Now the whole world knows that China lied to the world on COVID-19. It helped him with the WHO.

WHO investigation team went to China in February

We told you that on January 28, WHO Chief Tedros visited China. By this time, China had not allowed any international expert of WHO to visit. Whatever the WHO was telling the world, it was just the wrong information from China. Finally, on 10 February, a team led by WHO reached China. China's permission was taken on which experts will be in the team. And China took about two weeks to grant this permission. By the time the WHO team left for China, by that time Coronavirus had reached nearly two dozen countries. There were 37.5 thousand patients worldwide. According to media reports, some members of this team said on returning that they could talk to people very little in China. It was also revealed that many people in the team did not know the language of China. In such a situation, there is doubt in how successful this investigation was. By the way, the team in its report also praised China for its steps, describing it as historic.
Despite the warnings, the WHO continued to take China at face value. On 11 March, WHO finally said that COVID-19 is a global epidemic. By then, this disease had reached a large part of the world, originating from China.

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What was missing from China's data?

The aim of the WHO, formed in 1948, is to harmonize between different countries of the world in epidemic-like situations. Give them honest instructions on matters related to people's health. But the WHO could not complete its mission in the Coronavirus case. See an example of how he took China's propaganda forward. There were reports that China is giving half-incomplete data on the coronavirus. In defense of this, the WHO said that COVID-19 patients should not be caught, it has happened very rarely. But among those whom China was investigating, there was at least one symptom of the COVID-19. In most cases, this symptom was fever. Research shows that about 25 to 50 percent of patients have no symptoms of the COVID-19. But defending China, the WHO has missed all these important things.

What is China's biggest success?

The WHO advocates remind that this institution does not have power. It depends on the grace of its member countries even for its budget. Mutual factionalism of countries from above. So he keeps on making his balance between these countries. These things are true to an extent. It is also true that he probably did not have the necessary means to confirm the numbers given by China. But his failure on the coronavirus is more than these numbers. He was able to help China in this disaster by giving political benefits. Despite all the apprehensions and questions, he advertised the claims made by China. China's biggest success is not that it has overcome the coronavirus to a great extent. China's biggest success is to get the WHO to PR in front of the damage done to the world due to its blunders.

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Japan said - change the name of WHO

For these reasons, fingers are being raised on WHO. Japan's Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has named it the 'Chinese Health Organization'. Taiwan appealed to the WHO, saying that it should not be Kidnap at the hands of China. Remain fair. There is a demand for an investigation on WHO in America. So that it can be ascertained whether Chinese pressure influenced the WHO. The influence of powerful countries on the WHO has been there before. America was dominating it during the Cold War days. Things have changed in the last 20 years. The US is still at the top with about 22 percent of the total funding of WHO from member countries. China gives about 12% of the total fund. Even then China has a great influence on the WHO. Due to this effect, Taiwan is not included in the WHO.
A major focus of questions on WHO is also on its Chief Tedros Adenum Gabriaceis. He hails from Ethiopia. Belongs to the political background. Has been the Minister of Health in Ethiopia's dictator government. Critics say, this background of the dictatorial system probably brings them closer to China.

Failure of institutions like WHO and the damage caused by it. This should be an alarm for the world. The coronavirus may not be the last such epidemic. In such a situation, there is a need to create such a global institution, which big countries do not politicize. So that transparency and reliability can be expected. Whoever has some solid rights and does not have to face the funds.

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