After the Chinese city Wuhan emerged from the Coronavirus as the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic and was sealed away from the world for infection, Chinese writer Fang Fang published an online diary about the Coronavirus tragedy in her hometown. Started writing In this diary, all the events of the Corona period of Wuhan city have been revealed.

Engraved  Dreadful Scene Of Death To Mourning, Torture

When the Coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan, the Chinese writer Fang Fang used to write all the truths of Wuhan in the diary. She engraved all the stories in Wuhan from the dreadful scene of death to mourning, torture. On what basis is the criticism Her diary attracted the attention of millions of readers and is also going to be published in many languages ​​abroad. The Chinese initially liked it a lot, but they are facing criticism for this diary in their own country. 64-year-old writer Fang Fang was awarded China's most prestigious literary award in 2010. Critics say that she is standing with countries that have criticized China for dealing with the epidemic.

Receiving death threats on writing the truth

Writer writing China's bitter truth about epidemic coronavirus is receiving threats to kill. Chinese writer Fang Fang began writing 'Wuhan Diary' on China's social media platform Weibo about the Corona tragedy in her hometown, regarding the Chinese city of Wuhan, which became the epicenter of Corona. There has been a ruckus about this online diary of Fang Fang, narrating the situation during that time, and threats of killing her have also started. The writer created a ruckus when she started writing about the government's misdeeds after mentioning the atmosphere of the city in Wuhan Diary.

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Fang Fang, referring to the plight of government systems in her diary, wrote: There is no place in hospitals, patients are being driven away, there is a lack of functioning and medical equipment. Quoting her doctor friend, Fang Fang wrote that, he told his officials that the disease is spreading very rapidly from person to person, but nothing happened.

Getting alleged on social media 

Referring to this in an interview, Fang Fang said, "I continued writing the truth and now I am receiving threats to kill me." Explain that there are strict restrictions on media in China. Many countries including America raised questions on China regarding this diary of Fang Fang.

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After this, the problems with Fang Fang increased. Some people then called her anti-national. It is alleged that through this Diary, she has given the weapon used against China to other countries. She is also being accused of writing this diary about money. 76 days had gone by to tell that the first case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China in December last year. There was a very strict lockdown here on 23 January, which lasted for 76 days till 8 April.

According to the Chinese government, the situation is normal there now. It was during this lockdown that FM started writing Wuhan Diy. There have been more than 82 thousand cases of coronavirus in China. There have been 30 new cases in the past. Here, 4,632 people have died due to this deadly epidemic. There are still 1005 active cases of coronavirus, of which 78 are in critical condition.

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