The first case of the coronavirus which caused an outbreak in the world rise from Wuhan, China in December. Since then, China has been facing all kinds of allegations about Corona. At the same time, there are some such revelations day by day about China, from which this suspicion is becoming even stronger. In the same way, a famous Chinese writer has opened a box of Chinese mistakes regarding the coronavirus. The writer has written a diary named 'Wuhan Diary', which has blown the senses of China.

When its borders were closed after the coronavirus spread in Wuhan, the writer Fang Fang began writing an online diary on the current state of the city. Millions of people read this diary. Now, this diary is to be published in many countries worldwide. After this, they have started getting threats in China.

Fang Fang is honored with China's Highest Literary Award

64-year-old Fang Feng has been awarded the Highest Literary Award in China. Her critics say that she is giving more opportunities to countries criticizing China due to the Coronavirus.

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When the diary has written?

The lockdown was imposed on 23 January in Wuhan. The first case of the corona was reported in December in this city with a population of 11 million. It was only after this that Fang Fang began writing her diary.

China's secrets exposed in the diary

To prevent the spread of Corona in Wuhan, she took very strict measures against the people, in such a manner she wrote about the fear, anger, and apprehension of the citizens here. Along with this, she also referred to the plight of patients in Wuhan, a hospital full of infected people, lack of masks, and the death of loved ones.

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She wrote in the diary, she was told by her doctor friend, that all the doctors knew that the virus was transmitted from person to person. Officials were also told about this. But the officers kept all this hidden from the public.

Receiving Death threats

Fang Fang used the online diary to make her point. The US is making serious allegations against China regarding Corona. It is also blaming China for worldwide coronavirus. In such a situation, some social media users are criticizing the writer for this diary.

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Like Twitter, a user on the Weibo platform used in China wrote, "Awesome Fang Fang, you are giving content to Western countries to criticize China." At the same time, some people are accusing her of writing a diary for money. Not only this, but they are also getting threats to kill her.

'Put the disastrous situation in front of everyone'

At the same time, this diary will start getting in June. At the same time, the publishing house says that the writer has kept the reality of this disastrous situation. At the same time, social injustice, corruption, abuse in China have been put in front of everyone.

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