Although the virus originated from the Wuhan of China is causing tragedy all over the world, but China has been adopting an arbitrary attitude towards its information from the beginning. Neither was he able to give initial information to the world nor has he been able to explain it to other countries so far. In such a situation, it is bound to be accused that because of China, the world has reached this catastrophe. Meanwhile, a diary written by a woman has come out during the lockdown in Wuhan city of China.

In fact, at the time when the corona spread in Wuhan, China, a woman named Fang-Fang used to write diaries every day, writing all the truth of Wuhan in the diary. He wrote the story of death, mourning, and torture. Initially, the people of China also got mad at him, but as soon as they came to know that the whole story was coming in German and English, they made this heroine a villain, and then Fang-Fang started getting death threats.

Award-winning writer Fang-Fang is now receiving death threats. The threat has been received from China itself. And the fault of Fang-Fang is that she told the truth which has happened in China. She has written about this Wuhan virus, which is causing outbreak all over the world. He has written a diary in the 76-day Wuhan lockdown.

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Fang-Fang wrote about the situation in Wuhan at that time, the handicap of the China Authority, the plight of patients in hospitals, mourning in cremation grounds, and cemeteries. Not only that, the woman wrote all this, but she also did it online. Just after this fear, China fell behind her.

What is Wuhan's Diary?

Actually, this Wuhan diary of Fang-Fang has written in German and English. Fang Fang has put a total of 64 posts in the online version of the diary. She wrote what she saw as a good reporter, wrote what she heard. When the world was not able to know Corona properly, she told the world to the doctors that the disease is contagious. Her cleanliness got into the heart of the world, and many people became convinced of the writing of Fang-Fang.

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If you look at some pages of her diary, then on February 13, Fang-Fang puts a picture of a cemetery and writes, 'I was sent this picture by a doctor friend of mine. Mobile phones are scattered all over the floor here. There must have been some owners of these mobiles at once.'

At a time when the Chinese government was hiding the number of deaths, Fang-Fang revealed that mobiles were scattered in the cemeteries, scattered mobile signals about the speed at which the deaths were taking place.

On the page of 17 February, Fang-Fang wrote, 'Hospitals will continue to distribute death certificates for a few days and many bodies will be transported to the crematoriums in the corpse vehicles and these vehicles will make many rounds in the day.'

The purpose of Fang-Fang was not just to write the saga of death. She also wrote about the plight of hospitals. There is no place in hospitals, doctors are not able to see patients, nobody is worried about anyone, she also wrote all this.

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The same happened, as Fang-Fang wrote, Satellites in Western countries had been stating that Wuhan had risen, so many corpses were lit during that time that the satellites were estimating the amount of sulfur in the air from above and showing the death toll. Much has been written about this in Western countries. But in China's record book, the death toll was around 3500. These figures have been revised slightly by China last week.

Wuhan diary writer Fang-Fang told the world what she saw with her eyes. She told the story of death. Explained China's tact. She told every single truth of Corona's havoc seen by her. In her hometown of Wuhan, the cause of death was calculated.

Even though China has become an enemy of Fang-Fang's life, she is adamant about his pen. That is why the truth of China is coming out, which the world was saying while doing so far. Overall, China may plead as much, but the revelation of the author of the Wuhan diary has exposed China's real face.

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How Wuhan became the sea of ​​death and the whole world was trapped in it?

In Wuhan, where the first patient of Corona arrived on December 1, there were comfortable international flights till January. The result was that Corona spread from China to the world. After the situation deteriorated, China locked their industrial city, the date was 23 January.

Everything came to a standstill, Markets closed. Roads become deserted. The mall-cinema hall was all about the lockdown. The city remained sealed from other parts of China for 76 days. It has been alleged that Corona would not have spread around the world if China had shared the information in time. Things would not have deteriorated if the news of the deadly virus like corona had been shared with other countries in time, but China did not do anything like this.

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There are also allegations that Corona was born from Wuhan's Virology Lab. China has been saying that this virus reached humans from bats and spread rapidly. But based on facts, this thing is not embraced. 18 years ago, China was accused of spreading SARS, and now of spreading the coronavirus. There have been allegations on a senior researcher of the lab, whom the US has named Bat Woman.

How Coronavirus spread all over the world?

Actually, Wuhan is the largest industrial center in China. Because of this, people from many countries of the world reach Wuhan in connection with the business. Around 20 million people go to the international airport of Wuhan annually. From here, there are direct flight services to all the major cities of the world including London, Paris, Dubai. Out of 500 major companies in the world, 230 companies have invested in Wuhan.

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Wuhan dominates the business world. When Corona started making its impact in December, people from many countries were still present in Wuhan and with this virus when they returned to their country. Citizens of America, Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, UAE, Britain, and many other countries have been coming from Wuhan.

And finally, Corona's Epicenter became Wuhan. But stubborn China never accepted its mistake. The number of people who died in Wuhan was also suppressed by China. By April, which was showing the figure of 3869 deaths from China Corona, after the international pressure, on 17 April, it was reduced to 4632. China is saying that Corona has nothing to do with bio-weapons after the world over the epidemic.

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