The vast majority of those infected so far have only mild symptoms and they made full recoveries. According to a large Chinese study, more than 80% of confirmed cases are not severe. Of the 44,672 coronavirus cases that were confirmed in China last month more than 36,000 cases were mild.

For many mild coronavirus infections, the coronavirus could be virtually indistinguishable from the common cold or seasonal flu. But mild symptoms could make the epidemic harder to contain.

Cases were considered mild if they did not involve pneumonia. Pneumonia is defined as an infection of the lungs just under 14% of patients were severe and just 5% were critical.

By Thursday, the 78,487 confirmed cases in China 32,495 (41%) had been discharged from the hospital. Only a handful of children have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

A study found that only 9 infants were infected in China from December 8 to February 6. None of the infants had severe complications or required intensive care.

Expert says it is good that the virus has not spread much among the kids because children are less likely to wash their hands and cover their mouths.

A 5-day old Chinese baby who was infected with the coronavirus has been discharged from a hospital following a full recovery.

The new coronavirus is primarily impacting adults. The number of new coronavirus cases reported in China has been trending downward since February 5.

Months after the new coronavirus outbreak, factories are gradually reopening in China. Following government instructions, factory operators are buying thousands of face masks. But other factories remain closed due to a lack of employees or raw materials.

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