China's state media has made a big claim that China may have managed to catch signs of life living on another planet. A report by China's state-backed Science and Technology Daily has claimed that its giant Sky Eye telescope has caught signs of life on a planet other than Earth. The most surprising thing is that China's state media has previously deleted its report, describing it as a 'discovery'.

Claims In China's Report

China's official media report has claimed that the narrow-band electromagnetic signals detected by the world's largest radio telescope 'Sky Eye' are different from the previously captured signals and the team is investigating them further. The report cited chief scientist Zhang Tong as saying, "an extraterrestrial civilization search was carried out by teams from Beijing Normal University, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of California."

Scientist Said, Need For Investigation

Chinese scientist Zhang said in the report, "These suspicious signals could also be some kind of radio interference and it needs to be investigated further." At the same time, it is not yet clear why the report was apparently removed from the website of the science and technology daily, the official newspaper of China's Ministry of Science and Technology. However, the news had already started trending on the social network Weibo and other media outlets began to feature the news prominently. There has been no response from China so far regarding the removal of the report.

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China Is Searching For Intelligent Civilization

Let us tell you that in September 2020, China's Sky Eye Telescope, which is located in southwestern Guizhou province of China and whose diameter is 500 meters (1,640 ft), has officially started the search for extraterrestrial life. According to the report, Zhang said the team had detected two sets of suspicious signals in 2020 while processing data collected in 2019, and caught another suspicious signal in 2022 from observational data from exoplanet targets. Zhang said that China's Sky Eye is extremely sensitive to low-frequency radio bands and plays an important role in the search for alien civilizations. When Bloomberg News from Science and Technology Daily asked for detailed information in this regard, calls were not answered.

FAST Telescope to Discover Alien Civilization

In October last year, Chinese media said, "Chinese scientists believe that, if alien civilizations exist, the Chinese telescope may have uncovered Pandora's box. While this may sound far-fetched, contact with an alien civilization and their investigation could cause a serious nuisance to Earth's rudimentary societies. China's new giant radio telescope may be able to detect aliens, also known as the Von Neumann probe, a recently shared study has revealed.

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China's Huge Telescope

China had built the world's largest telescope to obtain space information, whose aperture is 500 meters, the full name of this giant telescope is Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope. The capacity of this telescope is also very huge, so through special observation, with the help of that telescope, aliens can be detected. However, some scientists have warned that Chinese scientists should not try to contact such civilizations, about which we have no information, because they may be disastrous for human civilization.

Scientists Have Different Opinions About Aliens

There is a difference of opinion among the scientists of the world about aliens and different scientists have different opinions. Some scientists want that humans should contact aliens under any condition, while some scientists say that contact with aliens means the destruction of humans. Scientist Dr. Jaja Osmanova of Georgia's Free University says, "if aliens also reproduce, then they can be very dangerous for humans because they will try to openly use the resources on earth to increase their numbers. Which would not be good for humans." Therefore, they believe that, in the future, if humans want to avoid the danger of aliens, then now they should find out about the aliens and accordingly we should start preparing.

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China's Government Built FAST Telescope In Many Years

It has been claimed by the Chinese government that the Fast Telescope is the world's most advanced telescope and it took the government 5 years to build this telescope. This telescope has been installed by China in Daodang of the country's southwestern province of Guuzhou. This telescope is working since January 2020. The Chinese government also claimed last year, that with the help of this telescope, the country has got unbelievable information. But, why China has deleted this report after publishing the report, its information is not yet available.